Dream of an Ideal Society

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Dream of an ideal society

There are emerging and ongoing wars that destroy lands and nations. There are the continuous dilemma of inequality, discrimination and other social issues that despite the modern trends and rapid technological advances of the society are still haunting and dividing the members of the society. The perfect society does not exist. This Utopia does not physically exist, but in our minds, it goes something like this.
In my ideal society, every person is treated as an equal. No one person would think or act as if they were better than someone else was. There would be no racism present, all types of people would reside here and get along together. It would not matter if you were African, Caucasian or any color of the rainbow everyone is treated the same.
In addition, there also would be a diverse amount of different religions that would coincide with each other in the ideal society. Today religion is one of the most controversial topics in society. There are countless numbers of active religions coinciding with and contradicting each other. In the ideal society people would love their religion and respect the others. All religions would co-exist peacefully.
An ideal society should not be bound to the oppression of the wealthy and powerful. This society should not be unfair or unjust to the citizens that are of a different color or race that of the minority.
An ideal society is one in which people act together as one for the greater good of the society, rather than the individual. In a rational society, people know their place and their duty.
In my ideal society, everything would be uniform, a by the book world, where order and obedience would prevail. The perfect society which would bring peace to the whole world. In the ideal society people will all live a harmonious life and not have to fear…...