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Dream essay

The Robbery that changed my life forever.
According to Sigmund Freud’s the interpretation of dreams; all dreams represent the fulfillment of wishes. No matter what that dream is, whether the dream is happy, sad, recurring, realistic, sequel fantasy, or in my case a nightmare. It still represents a fulfillment of wishes. I remember my dream like I dreamed it last night. It was a cold and stormy September night. My cousin and I had just finished watching Friday the 13th and , and was lying in bed talking about boys of course I mean what teenage girl does talk about that, when all if a sudden the lights began to flicker on and off , and 5 minutes later they were off for good. That’s when things really began to get weird; the glass on the back door had shattered. We didn’t think much of it since, it had been storming all day and rocks and branches had been picked up by the wind and tossed against our windows, so we continued our conversation like nothing happened. “Bang Bang” two gun shots were fired and a frantic scream was coming from the living room/ hallway area. My cousin and I quickly hurried to our feet, and sprinted to the door where we poked our head out my bed room door to see what was going on. With our heads poked out my door we couldn’t help but notice my little brother laying there on the ground two bullet holes in his chest and blood gushing everywhere. I pushed my little cousin back into the room, where she stumbled over the DVD player that was lying on my bed room floor and closed the door. I ran into the hall way, scooped my brother up into my arms and just cried. I just sat there holding him asking why, why’d they have to shoot my brother, what’d he so badly enough for someone to want to take his life. I looked up because I heard footsteps coming towards me, to see 3 men coming towards me,…...

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