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The Dreamer The smoothness of this three dimensional human shaped two-sided head along with the many different dreams of wishes, ideas, and possibly real life experiences has one looking at this piece for an extended period of time. A faceless child sitting in a tree that seems to extend and branch out into many of the other scenes along with the words “In my Dreams” makes one begin to wonder and look more deeply into the other scenes happening in this head of dreams that seems to come to life. An unusually small baby held in the palm of a hand, some well detailed birds, a staircase that leads to an eye watching a bird or perhaps the child in the tree or even something else entirely, gives this side of the sculpture a happier feel. In other scenes one can see a clock in the background of the tree and an animal, maybe a ferret crouched, possibly ready to pounce. A circular hole cut into the upper back part of the head allows one to see through and out the other side through a square cut hole. Turning to the other side of the head brings on a more frightening feel. The overall coloring is relatively darker and the branching of the tree becomes the veins in the wings of an unnerving butterfly or moth, a house elevated by stilts with a raging fire burning out the doorway and a feather falling below. A frog hanging on to the bottom of the butterfly wing as if they were part of a tree branch with one foot on what is possibly the San Francisco Bridge. The frog is looking upward toward the square hole. Below in the water is a boat that seems to be separated in its own scene and the word “Dreamscape” just above the scene. A shiny apple above the bridge of the nose and numbers following the curvature of the top of the head from front to back as if counting from one to ten along with the other described scenes make this piece of work entitled The Dreamer by Nancy Halter...

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