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Dreams of My Father

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Lauren Rhoads
Dreams of My Father
Before (pre reading)
When I saw this book on our list of reads for our class I was excited about Dreams of My Father because I was interested in learning more about our president. Barack Obama will forever be known as our first African American president that I had the privilege of being around to be a part of. Looking at the cover my first thought was about the kids in the photos, I believed they were himself and his sister with his grandparents. The cover also lets me know that no matter who you are, what the color of your skin is, anyone will relate in some way because of the little words that read “this book will tell you something about yourself whether you are black or white”.
Background Knowledge
1. “Barry? Barry is this you?” “Yes…Who’s this?” “Yes, Barry… this is your Aunt Jane. In Nairobi. Can you hear me?” “Aunt Jane. Listen, Barry your father is dead. He was killed in a car accident”. The worst phone call I ever received came 3 years ago when I was standing in line at 6 flags to ride a roller coaster and my uncle called me, I answered the phone to him crying telling me that my father has died. Pg. 5 2nd paragraph.
2. Pg. 6&7 “we call my grandmother Tutu, toot for short, it means “grandparent” in Hawaiian”. At home my daughter and step daughter call their grandmother “Mama” instead of Abuela or grandma.
3. Pg.129 “Barack. I always wanted to tell you how much I love you”. This was the first dream Barack had a dream where he really felt emotions and was crying. It took a long time before my father appeared to me in my dreams and it was during a time I felt so lost and so confused on a lot if things in life, at first he always appeared to me as an owl. The first time he was himself in human form he took me on a journey in a strange place and told me he will always help me find my way, I woke up crying real tears.
4. “ I reached into my back pocket, pulling out the letter I’d been carrying since leaving L.A” pg. 114. I have a a card that my father wrote me for my birthday, which was the last thing he was ever able to write. I don’t carry it with me everywhere I go, but I had what he wrote tattooed on my wrist so it’s always with me.
5. Pg. 269 “listen, people are trying to sleep around here. Why don’t Y’all take it someplace else” that was my exact words to all of my brothers growing up when they would be up and playing early every weekend.
1. How old was Barack Jr. when his father died and how? -21 years old, and he died in a car accident 2. Does he have any brothers or sisters? - Barack has a sister Maya and his mother had her after her second marriage. 3. what was one of the biggest difficulties Obama faced throught this book? - Barack outcast himself because he never knew where to place himself socially. He didnt ever fully belong to either one side. 4. Why does Barack need to visit Kenya? - He needed to find his identity. like he needed to get back to his main African ameran roots to fully understand himself and to embrace his identity. 5. Who had the biggest impact on Obama and influenced his life the most? - First and foremost his mother had the most impact on his life and i also think his grandfather did as well. Vocabulary Miscegenation: Interbreeding of people to be or different races. I thought it meant that any kind of fornication between races. “ In 1960, the year that my parents were married, Miscegenation was still described a felony in half the states in the union.” Pg 12 Pali: (in Hawaii) a steep slope or cliff my definition: a mountain "the shadows off pali"s peaks; the sultry, scented air."

Fix up strategies 1. I used lot of real life connections of things he went through in his life with my own. 2. I took notes, alot of notes 3. i have a hard time focusing on my reading so i used audio book. 4. I made prdictions based off theh cover and title 5. As always i waited last minute to put all of m ideas together, causing my anxiety to be an all time high but thats when i really push myself.
1. "I enjoyed exchanging spanish pleasantries with my mostly Puerto Rican neighbors, and on my way back from classes id usually stop and talk to the boys who hung out on the stoop all summer long and talk about the knicks or the gunshots they heard the night before." pg 3 Although he is referring to New York this sounds like my neighborhood in North Philadelphia and almost the dily routine. 2. "Im not black, Joyce said im multiracial" She felt as though she did not want to place herself in any one group, she did not want to have to choose between the races she embraced them all.

Summary/Reflection In Dreams From my Father, Obama shows us the importance and the very real issue of racisim and how difficult it can be on those who are more than one race. Knowing your roots and where yo came from will help yo embrace who you truly are and want to be. This book also gives you an insite of the importance of being a parent to your children and how missing out on time can also have a long term affect. reflection: This book touched alot on alot that i have struggled with and helped me relate and respect Barack Obama more not only as a peron but as a human. i connecte with him on the level of the absent father because i grew up without mine, my mother re married and had more kids and then when I reconnected with my father he passed away. My house was very multicultured, my mother an Italian woman remarried a Spanish/Filippino/German man so because of my brothers and my my new father I felt obligated to embrace the spanish/asian in him and my brothers.

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