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How illegal drugs affect you
In contrast to prescription drugs, illegal drugs are not manufactured in controlled environments under strict standards of quality. In other words, you never know what quality and quantity you are really getting, or with what cheaper poison an unscrupulous dealer may have diluted the drug.
Some of the side effects of illegal drugs could actually limit your ability to have the 'good time' you might have thought the drug was going to provide. The side-effects multiply, compound and can cause permanent damage the more frequently you take the drugs. Side effects inlcude: * confusion * anxiety * paranoia * panic attacks * nausea * shaking * headache * schizophrenic and psychotic behaviour * hostile and aggressive behaviour * violence, often for no apparent reason * periods of severe mental and emotional disturbance, and possible permanent mental illness * potentially permanent damage to brain, liver, kidneys and heart.
The highly addictive characteristics of drugs such as heroin, cocaine and various amphetamine compounds may take away any control you have over the continuation of self-inflicted damage. The cost of feeding an inevitable addiction that regular use will cause, may mean you find yourself involved in serious crime, facing a lengthy jail term, and dealing with serious health problems including permanent mental illness, the risks of communicable diseases like HIV/AIDS, and overdosing. You might also lose the support of your family and friends along the way.
Illegal drugs generally fall under three main categories: * Depressants * Stimulants * Hallucinogens
Prescription drugs can also fall under these categories. When prescribed by your doctor and used in accordance with the doctor's instructions, these drugs are legal. When stolen or fraudulently obtained, the

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