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Drinking Age Debate

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The ongoing and seemingly endless battle between the youth of America and the government has for years been a major focal point in the opinions and debates in society. Questions, comments and concerns revolving around how and what the system should do about the limits teenagers have only added to the stereotypical yet evidently true battle between the youth and the more matured adults. In one case, teens have suffered losses as big as having to complete school or acquire a GED to reach a certain level of employment. While in other cases, the fight for earning one’s driving license at the age of sixteen appealed to the favor of teens. Currently, the dispute that is now being presented touches a subject that if ever addressed by the government, would change the way America operates forever: the age of consent for drinking. The debate is simple- the teens want it lowered against the adults who would like it to stay the same. The issue stirs major controversy mainly to focus on the safety of young adults, and how the consumption of alcohol can affect the mortality rate in their age bracket. However, there are firm rebuttals that show that lowering the legal drinking age to eighteen can not only benefit society, is the only fair addition to the list of rights and privileges one assumes when they reach America’s definition of adulthood. The pros and cons of the issue both have their strong and weak points aimed towards convincing their respective counter retorts. Yet when push comes to shove, it’s hard to deny that the law surrounding the drinking age in its standing, is not only unfair to young adults, but hypocritical. The arguments against lowering the age, while true, do not run parallel with the issue of a drinker’s age. All in all, the argument over changing the legal restrictions for those who want to drink, in many opinions, ends with those in favor changing it,…...

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