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We are making a few changes to the way things are run around the business. All changes made are only put forward for the benefit of the business and attract customers.

Our office is currently running mostly on base jobs and we need to pick up address work. The only way we see any improvements to this is by following a set of guidelines and rules, customer service is very important in order to maintain and run a business as smooth and efficient as possible.

This however does not mean we are losing focus on base customers. As you must be aware, we have recently put new advertising around the office in order to attract more customers and increase the awareness of our office.

Team Work is very important in order to run any business efficiently. This means all drivers and controllers need to get on and work together as a team as we are all here to work and make money.

All drivers are required to accept and get on with the job sent, unless otherwise the controller has approved and passed the job over.
Drivers must not complain about the price once they have completed the job. If there is a issue with the pricing, it must be discussed with the controller before on route to the job.
All drivers are required to dress appropriately and keep hygiene up to standards as well as keep there vehicles clean.
Any driver caught overcharging will be given a disciplinary and sent home for the day.…...