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Driver Less Cars

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‘Drive a car without a license, Forget about the expensive car park outside your office’ because now your car can drive back to the house itself, Or if you want to take a nap while you get to the destination. It’s all easy with the new driver less cars. Driverless cars and other automated vehicles offer major potential benefits and could profoundly change our lives for better.
They will make driving easier, allow people to be more productive and offer greater mobility to a wider range of people than ever before. They will also help improve road safety, reduce emissions, and ease congestion. As a result they can provide significant economic, environmental and social benefits, including improving social inclusion. The next thing is the driver can choose whether they want to drive or not. If they select an autonomous mode, they can allow the vehicle to take care of driving while they make use of the journey time in other ways. Strengths

Time saving - So the first advantage of driverless cars is they are Multitasking. You can do anything you want Eat, Sleep, Work, Chat with relatives – commute time is no longer down time. An average driver spends the equivalent of six working weeks driving a year (MP Claire Perry, Department for Transport (UK)).In addition they never get tired or distracted could hold the key to substantially improving the road safety.
Access to everyone - There are so many people who still do not have license, Disable people and elderly people may be judged unfit to drive. When autonomous will come to the market their will journeys without the driver at all. Secondly I want to say that it will improve the life of many, like you have an office in city and parking cost you so much money, with the autonomous car you can just set the auto pilot function and let the car go back home itself. (p.14, Perry)


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