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Schedule for Implementing a Driver Control Program


This marketing plan is used on lessening driver turnover by reducing the communication gap between drivers and dispatchers. For each of the three years of the marketing plan, a trucking company starts with$1,000,000. To prevent repeating prior mistakes which cause drivers to leave the company, effective marketing and promotion which highlight the change in hiring style need to be implemented.
To be effective in a trucking company, technology plays an imperative role which is utilized very carefully in this plan to remain within the budget while using most of it. In order to retain and minimize the turnover percentage of drivers, their training is vital, so that they represent the company in a more effective manner and help the company to retain the client. Together, the relationship of drivers with dispatchers and technology suggest the company can generate profit with a moderate rate.

The prevalent concern confronting the trucking business is not the mounting fuel and insurance expenses, but rather, the aptitude to entice, recruit and preserve excellent drivers. According to Keller and Ozment (1999), “[1] the cost to replace a driver has been reported to range from 3,000 to 12,000 dollars [1]” (p. 99). Where does one start to better retain a quality driver? Chances are you have many worthy drivers in your fleet, and the odds are even greater that you have lost myriad good drivers to the competition. As Keller and Ozment said (1999), “[1] Not only are shippers affected by higher transportation costs arising from excessive driver turnover, but they also experience poor service when carriers are unable to meet pick-up or delivery schedules due to equipment sitting idle for lack of drivers[1]”,( p.104). Industry pessimists blame…...

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