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Driving Towards a Disruption

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The main essence of this case study is to analyze the dramatic changes that are happening within the MBA program and the innovation in management education and will it have any effect on HBS MBA program which is tied strongly to the legacies of the pivotal year 1924.

DATE – 7TH JAN 2014


CASE STUDY is all about the ‘disruption of management education’. It is about the changing model of the management education and its effects and how the premium business school like Harvard Business School can tackle the day to day changes. The Harvard graduate school of Business Administration was founded in 1908 under Dean Edwin F. Gay. With approval of president of Harvard University Charles he established first MBA program .Clayton Christensen, the professor at Harvard Business School suggested that the established model of management education is heading towards trouble but he also said that the top management programs can get over this problem. The case also highlights about the various features of Harvard which gives it a distinct edge as against the competitors. First it throws light on the academics which is more focused on International Business and experiential learning. Due to a great curriculum and methodology being followed, there has been rise in the admissions from 30 in the first batch to 9000 in the batch of 2009-2011. It is interesting to note that Harvard grads are always in the demand and this fact is evident from the pay package which these students receive. The median salary which they receive is around 120000 $. Harvard gives a field based education to their students and they used different technology in the classroom, and come up with new program of HBSi which is Harvard Business School Interactive....

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