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Drones Technology

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Drones Technology: An Emerging Wireless Communication Trend at Workplace
Allison Maestas
March 14th, 2016
Lisa Ricks

Introduction Emerging Technologies:
Emerging technologies are type of new era technology which is currently developing or will be developed over next five to ten years. Emerging technologies have potential to alter business and social environment. These include IT, Wireless data communication, robotics, and bio-technologies.
Drone is best example of emerging IT and wireless data transfer technology. It helps humans in many ways despite fact it has many drawbacks also. Drone technology is a type of emerging technology in which we feed commands in a flying object controlled by wireless controller. It helps us plenty of ways like Policing, delivery, entertainment, surveillance & surveying, agriculture, journalism, arts, firefighting, and nonmilitary security work (Byman, 2013).
The reason for using these drones is that they are cheaper and more durable than helicopters due to their mechanical simplicity. Delivery drones are type of drones which is used to send medicines or other necessary stuff at faraway places where presence of human is hazardous for his life for example RQ-7 Shadow is capable of delivering a 20 lb (09.1 kg) “Quick MEDS” canister to front line troops.
Professional Usage of Drone Technology at Workplace:
The development of Unmanned Aerial Automobiles permitted the world to consider of innovative techniques to implement mutual tasks. From transporting packages from corner to corner in a city in under 15 minutes, delivering first aid help in some minute’s accident, to harvesting whole fields, donating to an innovative range of pictures for TV & cinemas. We have been facing the advantages of drone age, without even recognizing it.
In December 2013, DHL parcel service tested a” micro drone’s MD4-1000” for...

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