Drug Abuse Among University Students

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As there are so many cases of drug abuse among university students, we need to find out the reasons why they are taking drugs and what can be done to overcome this problem.
Family factors is one of the reason why university students are taking drugs.
Poor parental supervision will give them more opportunities for
exposure to drugs.
Poor parental communication could lead the children to take drugs.
They think their parents do not care about them.
Educate your teenager about drug use, so they get the real
* facts about the dangers of drug use.
Family break up or parental conflicts.
Parents keep quarelling everyday.
Teenagers who failed to find ways to relief their frustration misuse drugs to feel better (Neil,n.d,as cited in Top 8 Reasons, n.d.)
Students may take drugs due to the university factors.
Availability of drugs in the university.
Other students are selling drugs.
They want to try something new.

Students are stress in studies.
Full of works and assignments.

Parents play an important role in preventing or dealing with teenagers who
abuse drugs.
Talk to your teenager openly and honesty (Stanton,1983)
Asking your child to tell you his/her thought and feelings
about drugs.
Talking with your child about his/her emotion and your
feeling too.
Teach responsible behaviour.
Teach the balance of rights and responsibilities.
Give rewards for their responsible behaviour.
Encourage your child to develop positive interests, even if those
interests are not the ones you would choose for them.
Teenagers can build their confidence.
They can learn about life.
The Education Ministry must play an active role.
Preventing crime not only in school but also in university.
Sent undisciplined and delinquent students to Henry Gurney schools
(Nor Shahid,2010)
They will be strictly…...