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Drug Role Play

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Robert Rick
Nick Kazmierski

Role Play Assignment

Bob (Rob)
Frack (Nick)

Bob and Frack Are walking into Frack’s basement to watch Television and maybe play some games.
Frack: Hey dude What do you want to do.
Bob: hey man i think we should play some games
For 20 sec talk gamer style and act like we are playing video games.

Bob: Hey dude
Frack: What
Bob: Whats your opinion on smoking weed and doing drugs.
Frack: Honestly I don’t care. Why do you need to know
Bob: I just wanted to know if you cared.
Frack: Ok
Frack: Hey man I’m getting bored lets watch some T.V now

Bob and Frack sit on 2 chairs in the middle of the room and act like they are watching T.V. for around 15 sec. Laughter Random Acting. Bob then pulls out an outrageously sized joint and rolls some marijuana in it and acts like he is lighting it.

Bob: Hey Man do you want to try this its awesome and all the COOL kids are doing it these days.
Frack: No Man you know what it does to you.
Bob: What does it do?
Frack: Once you get addicted It doesn't stop and you'll be hooked.
Bob: Well I don’t care its some awesome stuff.
Bob: So do you still want some?
Frack: I SAID NO
Bob:Why Not
Frack: Didn’t I just tell you. I SAID IT WILL KILL YOU
Bob: Dude Come On Take a whiff
Frack: No
Bob: You'll Be Cool
Frack: Dude Your a 3.6 Student and your smoking weed and probably doing other stuff you shouldn't.
Bob: Maybe your right. But Just *Winy* One More *Winy*
Frack: Again I told you no. If you ask one more time we aren't Friends anymore.
Frack: Forget this lets go to the park.
Bob: Ok
Frack and bob go to the park and sit on a bench.
Frack: Good Now you can Clear your head.
Bob:So tonight I have a party at my house and do you want to come. There will be drugs and alcohol there.
Frack: No, Sorry
Bob: Come On Please
Frack: Ok I’m Done With You we are not friends anymore
Bob: Fine
Frack then leaves and then never speaks to Bob again.

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