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Drugs and Socializion in M M

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Sociologists suggests, there exists difference between sex and gender. Sex is the biological classification and gender is the outcome of social construction of separate roles of males and females.
“,,what we call ‘men and ‘women’ are bodies that have generally been trainedin either the interruption of desire (women) or its free flow (men)..” – Halberstein (Gaga Feminism 2012: 12)
Masculinity and femininity, or other gender roles such as androgyny, are not inborn that is children are taught these traits. As soon as a child is identified as being a male or female then everybody start treating him or her as such. Children learn to move in gendered ways through the support of their environment. They are taught the gendered roles projected by someone who is female or male. As the child grows up, he develops his identity, to know how to interact with others and learn the role to play in the society. (Lorber, Judith. 2005.)
There are many drivers involved in the socialization process, which transfers the traditional role to the children and henceforth leading to occupational segregation later on. One set of gender socialization occur between parents and offspring, parents are considered to be the primary agency in the process of socialization, they are inclined to interact with boys and girls in a discrete manner.
One of the most influential driver of the socialization process is the mass media. In mainstream media, stereotyping is a standard way of characterizing people, leading women characters are often seen as overwhelmed by their responsibilities compared to their male counterparts. When females characters are in postion of absolute power, they frequently engage in deceitful, irresponsible behavior (Kendall, 2004). In the most recent, show Breaking Bad, the leading actress involves herself in an adulterous affair, even though her husband is a notorious druglord,...

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