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The Effects of Methamphetamine

Tiara Worley
Ms. Nell Burwell
English III
01 November 2013

The Effects Of Methamphetamine Methamphetamine is becoming more and more populated in today’s society, and little do the abusers know but Methamphetamine is a killer drug. This illegal drug is being passed around on the streets today, and harming everyone it is available to (Volkow). People are able to produce this drug themselves, but it is very well (remove well) dangerous. Anyone that has this drug in his or her possession is susceptible to try it. Meth maybe used for many different reasons; once someone uses it they (remove they) then he may will (Remove will) want to use it again, and he may becoming become (Remove becoming) addicted. Whether meth is used to feel good or to stay awake, you (Do not write in the second person you.) will have (Change verb to present tense.) side effects. The addiction to this drug is so strong that it affects the mind more when one tries to quit. Being exposed many ways to make meth, it can be for basically anyone. Meth is basically for anyone because there are many ways to make meth being exposed. (Reword this sentence.) While a person is able to generate the drug, there are countless dangers that they may not be aware of. Anyone making meth or anyone that is around it can will (remove will) be affected. Meth abuse kills its abusers, and it also destroys families and communities. (Need to include internal documentation.)
Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that affects the brain and central nervous system. This drug has elevated possibilities for widespread abuse. Whether meth is smoked, snorted, or injected, it can (remove can) will (remove will) is liable to harm you (anyone). An abuser may see meth as a harmless drug, but in reality it is eating away at their brain. This potent chemical is extremely dangerous, and it destroys the body as it is being used. There are many different names for meth, and these names came about due to the way it looks and/or the effects the person receives. Although one may have pleasurable feelings as a result from taking meth, but they (Change to he) will (remove will) then feels horrible due to the “crash” when those feelings leave. Consequently, this is one of the hardest drugs to treat and unfortunately it kills many people (Helmenstine).
Meth is a man-made medication that strongly activates certain systems of the brain. It is an artificial stimulant generally used as a recreational drug. This drug may be used for various reasons, but a common reason is just because it is what everyone is doing. It is illegal for anyone to have meth in their (his) possession unless it was prescribed to them (him). Other drugs are often used with meth to complement their (his) high or support their (his) withdrawal (Covey). When using meth for a good amount of time, the uplifting feelings tend to not be the same unless larger doses are taken. During the withdrawal and/or “coming-down” period, the person will (remove will) suddenly feels horrible because they (he) are (is) now not dependent on the drug for its uplifting feelings. Meth is a dangerous drug to get a hold of so the best thing that anyone can do is to never try it.
The signs and symptoms of methamphetamine may vary depending on whether there was a large or small dose taken. These symptoms can be either mental or physical, but most likely the abuser will(remove will) experiences both. Some symptoms are visible while others may not be noticed because they are mental effects on the person. Even if the abuser quits using the drug, they (he) still may have some permanent symptoms. In large doses the signs and symptoms will (remove will) tend to be much worse than they will (remove will) maybe in smaller doses (“The Meth Epidemic”). Even though all symptoms are harmful, there will (remove will) is possibly more life threatening symptoms with larger doses. With smaller doses one of the symptoms is weight loss, but the weight comes back as meth is continuously being used. Not every user experience the same thing but either way, they are headed into a devastating life style. (Need internal documentation.)
When it comes to the signs and symptoms of methamphetamine, some may occur right away while others may show up over time. Methamphetamine causes mind and mood changes; there may be depression for a short-term abuser and/or permanent psychological damage for a long-term abuser (“Alcohol and Drug”). A person that abuses Meth could (can) loose their (his) self-control; they (he) will (would) be unaware of what is happening, and they will (remove they and will) become aggressive. It would not be safe for anybody to be around them (him) at that point. Because of the false sense of energy that meth provides, the abusers body will (remove will) manages to begin going faster than what is it meant to go. If the body excels its normal rate, then eventually it will (would) have a period where it slows down more than it should. During that stage the person will (remove will) most likely sleeps the whole time or either be in a state of despair. Several may be on meth for a few months or even a few years, no matter what the time period is, meth is designed to lead to heart failure.
Most people start using meth because they are depressed, and it is said that meth gives them an uplifting feeling. In the reward center of the brain, dopamine is released when stimulated and the abuser gets a false sense of pleasure. This false sense of pleasure is what causes people to become addicted. Many people see others using meth, and (remove will) they see how they react to it which causes them to start using the drug. Males and females have different reasons as to why they may start using methamphetamine. Males typically want to have a better sex life, and females just want to loose weight. Even with the different reasons between males and females, they will (remove will) both experience some of the same things. Although people use methamphetamine for a variety of purposes, there will (remove will) is always a down side to go along with them. Meth is often used because the abusers obtain an everlasting high. There is a “rush” that only last a few minutes after taking meth, but it is extremely satisfying to the abuser (“Substance Abuse”). This “rush” is what stimulates a persons (person’s) mind, and it causes them (him) to become addicted. A high follows which is what the addicts are aiming for when they are using this product. There are many who started using meth because they were peer pressured and just wanted to fit in. The youth are more convenient to be the ones who are anxious to attempt meth. It is important to know a few signs that a person may be using meth. With this drug out on the streets, numerous people will (remove will) are interested in trying it.
Methamphetamine triggers dependency faster and is the hardest drug to permanently quit. Meth is a stimulant that profoundly affects the brain (Spalding). With the brain being affected, people are not really sure what is real and what is not. As the brain in being affected, the user is now beginning to obtain mental disabilities. More and more meth will (remove will) is required as the brain adapts to the drug, which leads to severe meth addiction (Michaels House) (“Why is Crystal”). The pleasurable effects will (remove will) soon wear off, and it will (remove will) is not be the same as they were before. Dependency of the drug then comes along and abusers will (remove will) feel they need it for stability. The brain of addicts is slowly but surely being destroyed as meth becomes more reliant on.
By a process of pharmacokinetics, meth enters and clears the brain at a fast rate. Crystal Meth is seen as a wonder drug that helps people cope and function (Nordqvist). Meth is liable to help people stay awake so that they are able to work at night or clean. If the user is addicted, then they (he) will (remove will) feels that the only way for them (him) to be “normal” is if they (he) are (is) constantly using the remedy. This obsession is psychological rather than physical dependency, but it soon becomes a mental dependency because of the intense euphoric feelings (Ekern). When an individual become addicted, it is all in their (his) mind, their (his) mind is now set to where they (he) feels the need to have the drug. With all of this being in their (his) mind, it is reasonable to say that they (he) are (is) not truly addicted; their (his) mind is just telling them (him) otherwise. Meth consumers can quickly become hooked to this drug even if that was not their intensions when they attempted it for the first time.
Methamphetamine is usually made in labs, but people have started to produce the drug themselves in other environments. Each pound of meth cooked is about six pounds of toxic material. With all the chemicals used to create meth, it is all being combined into an exceedingly harmful product. This product is threatening to use, but it is also threatening to make. There are various recipes for meth, but acetone, lithium, and red phosphorus are common ingredients (“Methamphetamine”). All of those items combined can be awfully explosive. The chemicals used to make meth are what cause the effects on the abuser. Making meth is not only hazardous for the person cooking it, but also for anyone who is around.
Now, by simply using a soda bottle, a few cold pills, and also a few chemicals, meth is available to anyone. With a soda bottle, meth can be made instantly at any place possible. Meth is normally made in small labs and without these labs the environment and society are being exposed to the dangers. With meth now being made in homes, the chemicals can seep into foods harming anyone who eats it. The left over bottles from the “shake and bake” method are thrown out because of the poisonous hazardous sludge that is left (Zurko). Even after meth is prepared, there are toxic substances that can kill someone. This just explains that meth is destructive in all ways possible. Although this method is safer to use and does not result in flames, it is still risky for anyone to abuse it.
A person could (can) be mentally as well as physically destroyed by the use of meth. Physically, meth affects almost every part of the manipulators body (Samuels). The body is being broken down visibly as well as invisibly. Meth is a product that causes you (one) to physically age; you (he) will (might) have effects such as, meth mouth that breaks down the teeth. Mentally, people are being affected when they contract a disease such as, paranoia and/or mood disturbances. Individuals molesting meth feel they are being watched or stalked by the police. One may become violent when on meth, but the bad (cruel) part is that they (he) will (is) not even going to remember it the next day. If a human being starts using meth for any reason at all, whether it was a small or large dosage, there will (are) some kind of affect on the body.
The affects of meth on the body could (are) either short or long-term. Meth is prone to shut down the brains sleep, hunger, and thirst centers. When first using meth, appetite is absent which causes the weight loss, but unfortunately the weight is gained back. While meth is being used to stay alert, the abuser will (remove will) ultimately snoozes for days at a time. A chronic use of meth can cause a tolerance to develop within the user (Kelley). The user will (is) now be open to accept meth at all times to keep that high. Little do the abusers know, but the elevated feeling is what is keeping them sensible. Whether the affects are short-term or long-term, meth has a way of compelling people to be insane.
Methamphetamine is meant to kill, but this product is also well intended to destroy a person’s life and their loved ones. This intoxicant executes people slowly by the symptoms that come along with it. Over the years the use of meth has risen and people do not find life interesting with out this drug in their system. Being addicted on meth is not a suitable thing to go by. Once a person start using meth for whatever reason there is, he will automatically become addicted whether he intended to or not; that is just how strong the remedy is. One may start using meth because it is popular or maybe because it is something he thought would get him through the day. Many become addicted and then try to quit, however, it is exceedingly difficult so they just continue using meth. Making meth is as affective as it is to actually use it. When a person produces meth it is likely to result in an explosion; therefore a person maybe harmed or even die. Even if a person does not use this product, it is still possible for them to be affected by it if they are around someone that does. Many people may know someone that is using or is about to start using meth; persuade them not to do it and support them when they plan to quit. Meth has damaged many lives, so be aware and do not let this drug destroy anyone you love.

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Drug War

...The Drug War: Will It Ever Stop? INTRODUCTION The United States and Mexico share a border that stretches 2,000 miles. The border is a product of the clash of the British and Spanish Empires. It is a place of lawlessness and violence. Drug cartels have used the border to smuggle illegal drugs into the United States for years. The United States market for drugs is a multibillion dollar a year industry. 90% of the illegal drugs that are smuggled into America come through our southern borders. As a nation we consume over 50% of the worlds illegal drugs, which exemplify the problem that America has with drug consumption. The demand for illegal drugs in the US allows drug cartels in Mexico to make billions of dollars by smuggling Marijuana, and Methamphetamines through the US/Mexican Border. Efforts to stop the flow of illegal drugs into the US have been unsuccessful. Drug Cartels use various methods in the transportation of their merchandise. Such methods include using underground tunnels, semi trucks, automobiles, and humans to transport these illegal drugs. Only 3 to 8 percent of the drugs that are smuggled from Latin America into the United States is confiscated, which is a very discouraging number. Our border patrol and DEA need to do a better job securing our borders and preventing the flow of such harmful drugs into America. There are a reported 7 cartels that operate in Mexico; the biggest players in the drug trade between Mexico and the US are the Tijuana, Juarez,......

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