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It has been sad that people will go to great lengths to acquire drugs which cause a certain “high“ experience .Even legalisation protests ,e.g. the world movement to legalise weed which is currently taking place all over the we took initiative to find out what Botswana’s youth thought on the issue of legalising illicit drugs.

Interview 1
Interviewer: do you do drugs?
Scholar: no I don’t.
Interviewer: Have u ever wanted to do drugs?
Scholar: Because I am not a fan of drugs. I feel that they would destroy my life I start
Interviewer: Do u think legalisation of illicit drugs is a solution to abuse?
Scholar: But how can that be a solution? No. Relying on any type of drugs to be happy is not right and is no way to live life,
Interviewer: Why do u say it’s not right ?Isn’t life about what makes one happy so what if it is right to that person as it is the only way she/he can have a happy life, are they still wrong?
Scholar: Life is what u make of it, so when u take drugs then you are letting something else control your life, you are giving away your power to something as petty as drugs? No thank you.
Interviewer: Is there an upside legalisation? I mean don’t u think the intake of drugs could be monitored and henceforth reducing chancing of addiction?
Scholar: Well I don’t think so because even though alcohol is legal and they try to regulate the total amount a person can take, it just never works, people still get wasted so it would probably be the same.
Interview 2

Interviewer: Have u ever had a desire to do drugs?
Scholar: Yes, yes I have.
Interviewer: Have you ever given in? Have u done drugs before
Scholar: Yes, yes I have tried a few
Interviewer: How did it feel?
Scholar: I felt like a totally different person I usually have self-control no matter what i take but it was just on another level but an extreme head ache the next day.
Interviewer: So would you say sensational?
Scholar: Yes I would
Interviewer: So, do you think that legalisation of illicit drugs is a solution to abuse? Scholar: No it’s not. The legalisation of illicit drugs will only make the situation of drug abuse even worse because of the free will that has been imposed to the people. People will start growing and producing them in households meaning they will use at any time desired hence creating an uncontrollable situation by not legalising them the government is curbing the number of people using them and also discouraging abuse because extra capital is required to purchase hence drug abuse is avoided, government should bring about strict or harsh laws on the use of illicit drugs as for the users to do it in fear, by this abuse is avoided.
Interviewer: Is there an upside legalisation? I mean don’t u think the intake of drugs could be monitored and henceforth reducing chancing of addiction? Scholar: If the government decides to legalise it and monitor in take that means he will have to find a way of restricting people from producing them in households. That will need an extend budget and much force of which the country is currently lacking and even if legalisation is done like you put it people will still reach addiction knowing it will be there either way. Interviewer: Really? Scholar: The legalisation will only bring about unavoidable conflict to the country. Look at it this way, legalisation will bring bout dangerous conditions to all humanity on the country more especially to whom aren’t users, for example marry jane, legalisation will give users free will to use it at any place however hence endangering civilians by passive smoking. Some people will end up smoking as to instead protect themselves from dangerous substances passed out by another human... Interview 3 Interviewer: have u done drugs Scholar: no Interviewer: have u had the desire to do drugs?
Scholar: There is no such thing as a desire when you've never tried drugs. There is no desire or craving. People do drugs because of own choice or no choice .I've never been a user of illicit drugs Interviewer: do u think the legalisation of illicit drugs is a solution to abuses
Scholar: It's like legalizing domestic violence. You are saying its ok for people to beat their spouses. Legalizing drugs is not a solution to abuse. It a way of the government saying go fuck yourself. I don't fuckin care about your well-being. How can u say legalizing an abused substance is a solution to abuse? Interviewer: Is there an upside to legalisation?? I mean don’t u think the intake of them could be monitored henceforth reducing chances of addiction
Scholar: How? Please tell me .If you legalize drugs, it means drug dealers are free to sell any amount of them drugs to anyone who's willing to buy. Who is going monitor all the junkies? Hmmm? Who's going to say no take 10mg of cocaine and 5g of cannabis to avoid addiction?
Interviewer: Do you actually below drugs are wrong or are u repeating what the government's propaganda.
Scholar: You cannot say drugs are right or wrong. Are they more harmful than beneficial? And how much is the price of beneficial if they are good? Drugs have been known globally to bring negative impacts on users and the society as a whole. Everyone who sees someone doing drugs on TV and they make it look cool will want to try it. It's a fact. The same way people now believe cannabis is not harmful but medicinal because of tv
Interviewer: so you are completely against the use of drugs?
Scholar: I think it’s pretty stupid if u ask me, why use drugs?
Interviewer: what about all the people who say that it’s their only to feel okay? All those children who are bound by their childhood traumas. Statistics show that most users are victims of abuse, be it sexual, emotional or physical. What do u have to say about them?
Scholar: well, that is a pretty obtuse way of looking at it. of all the things they could turn to they turn to the one thing that is guaranteed to destroy their life? I believe the only way to go about this life is facing your demons and moving on because the only way to let a wound heal is going to the core and taking out the cause of the wound or else it won’t heal. People who use drugs are afraid of the pain. Not knowing that the bleeding will never stop until its done, and it’s going to stain their life, running away from your “childhood traumas” is just a way to prolong the matter what they take be it heroin of coke or whatever the pain is going to come mother once said that “sure u have been victimised by something, but child, you choose to play the role of victim or survivor”.
Interview 4-group discussion
Interviewer-have any of you done drugs?
Scholar 1:no.
Scholar two:yes I have
Interviwer:scholar 1 have you ever had a desire to try them
Scholah 1 :yes I have had a desire to experience the rush that everyone keeps talking about but ii akways thought better,no good can come from that. Interviewer:so do u think that legalising will be a solution
Scholah 2:I do think it could help
Scholah 1:most definitely notinterveiwer could u please elaborate ur points scholah1: The thing is people are usin illicit drugs already legally or unlegally They're still abusing drugs,so makin it legal is givin them a licence to abuse it givin them free reign its not a solution Its the ink to a death note scholar2: I think that people abuse drugs for the adrenaline of doing something illegal, so legalizing drugs will reduce the appeal of the drugs. therefore reducing the drug abuse scholah 1thought about that factor but found it irrelavant...on the basis that if there is a will there is a way... Even if it was legal abuse will be over the charts scholar 2: not really cos a lot if people I know first tried drugs because they were inticed by the" I wanna try this to see what makes it illegal " and " it cant be so bad as they say it is" factors interveiwer: Is there an upside to legalisation?? I mean dont u think the intake of them could be monitored henceforth reducing chances of addiction scholar 2: yeah. that makes more sense scholar 1: Things like Herion and Crystal meth are very addictive just from the first instance you takin them You need another fix.... Thats what your mimd starts thinking of,your body starts craving the substance Sure go ahead and monitor that scholar 2: so ur saying anything potentially addictive should be banned. things like coffee, cough syrup, booze etc scholar one:well.. scholar 2:u see…its te same thing.
Scholar1: I am just saying it will bring more harm than good
Interviwer:thank you for ur time

As the interviews potray,only one in five youth agree that legalisation will cause more harm than good.i happen to agree with the other four,legalisation only spoonfeeds the addiction and is downright stupid if u asked me


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