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Write a short essay on Druids and similar priests in Europe B.C.
In this essay I will compare the druids, so the Celtic religion to the Greek ancient religion. There are similarities but most of the items are differences.
Druids were the priests of the Celtic tribe. They had great power because of their spread of belief and for the role they had in the society. First of all, they could go over a ruler. So the druids were acting like judges, advisers, doctors but also as magicians or poets.
Druids had ceremonies of mistletoe that involved animal sacrifice it was also a tradition for the Greek tribes. They both thought that their gods need them to pay in some form of a sacrilege. But the druids were also known for the human sacrifice. They strongly believe in the soul that is not dying but it takes another body. This sacrifice it was an act of bravery, of approaching god. Also the druids had this Underworld, were to be found fairies as the guardians.
Greek priests were not forming a college of priests like the druids, they were separated. Each priest had his deity to worship and they remain devoted to that only god. “The priest’s role was not that of a rabbi or pastor – he tended not the worshipers but the deity. He would serve only the cult of one deity, and his authority as priest was limited to the cult of that deity. “
As for the rituals, priests would deliver prayers; they had libations all in a religious ceremony. The animal sacrifice was often closed with the analysis of the remains searching for divine signs.
Also the druids and the Greek priest could have man or women priests. The rule for the female Greek was for them to be or a virgin or beyond menopause. The sex of the priest was established with regard of the god (if it was a goddess the priest will be a female).

Ancient Greek Religion – Jon D. Mikalson, second edition 2010, Willey Blackwell from

Analyze and comment in no more than 500 words the following statement:
Through literature and journalism, culture represented in the 18th and 19th c America and England a highest form of expressing identity.
In the 18th and 19th c there were a lot of political, economic, sociological changes. The historical facts are close related to the culture and its change. It’s well known that culture studies and arts reviews were the factors that changed the perception of journalism. Also culture finds its way to express within journalism and literature.
The development of the culture and media is related to James Curran’s four key influences that help understand the context of the development and the link between media and culture in England.
The first key is the historic victory of capitalist democracy. With the fall of the Berlin wall and the fall of communism came the liberation, so to think. The market was not in the hands of communists anymore, so the free expression could take place.
Also it showed a flow of rejection of the collectivism as the second key ‘the social dynamic of increasing individualism’ (Curran) suggests. It was the denial of the nationalism, conformism, sexual repression, racism. The change of legislation in 1970 and 1975 had permitted the rise of the women – the third key. It outlawed the sexual discrimination in Britain, so the women could be part of the working class, and for them to embrace the academic area.
The last key of influences is the intensification of globalization: “becoming a salient concern in a field previously characterized by a high degree of parochialism.”
Influence of culture is present on the recent activity of anthropology, history, sociology. I believe that in America, culture really is a high form of expressing identity. Media has a huge role in this phrase. For example there is this forum war, literature, and the arts that are proof of the important role of the culture as an identity through online media.

Give pros and cons for the following statement: “It is not ethics that we need in journalism but fairness and accuracy.”
For the pros of this statement I will analyze the phrase focusing on the fairness and accuracy and the no need of ethics in journalism.
The first pro in this list is that these two qualities of a journalist will bring the truth and freedom of media more than any ethic rule. If they obey to fairness, the information will go throw anything for the right to be informed and the freedom of public forming an opinion.
In time the ethics rules, the NUJ’s Code of Conduct are not so much of a standard. The exceptions the “ifs” of the rules are more looked for. What I’m trying to outline is that ethics are not so much respected. So, the statement is actually suggesting that if journalists don’t obey to the ethics, at least obey the common sense (fairness and accuracy). In this situation, were ethics don’t exist these two are the best of what is left.
For the cons the statement will mean the opposite; that journalism needs ethics more than fairness and accuracy.
There are more cons than pros for this statement; for the simple fact of a code necessity to exist. For example, information can’t be based only on precision. This will lead to intrusion; but information involves people, and it’s not right to invade one’s personal space, life to gain precision.
Also both qualities are part of the justice department, it involves straightforward approach. It is well known that persuasion as tactic is much affective than direct manner.
It has to consider the human factor. Journalism is constantly facing this factor. In the name of accuracy it can break some civil laws. It also can make materials that can lead to hatred or discrimination.

[ 1 ]. Ancient Greek religion- Jon D. Mikalson pg 11
[ 2 ]. Media and Cultural Theory – James Curran, David Morley pg 129 ( )

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