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ABE School of Business
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A Research
Presented to Mr. Arnel A. Cueto

In Partial Fulfillment of the
Requirements for the Subject

Computer Ethics Perspectives

Presented By:
Patrick Troy R. Luberio
Meghan Magcuro
Jeffrey b. Santos
Xavier Ray C. Yunzal
Nichael Bonn S. Corpus

August 2014
Time: 4:00-9:00PM


In the industrialized world computers are changing everything: from education to health, from voting to making friends or making war. Developing countries can also fully participate in cyberspace and make use of opportunities offered by global networks. We are living a technological and informational revolution. It is therefore important for policy makers, leaders, teachers, computer professionals and all social thinkers to get involved in the social and ethical impacts of this communication technology.

The origins of computer ethics can be traced to the 1940s to the time at which cybernetics and digital computers were first developed. These developments prompted Wiener (1948) to recognize both the good and evil inherent in these artificial machines. Since then, attempts have progressively been made to explore computer ethics from a variety of perspectives including that of computer ethics as not a real discipline, as a pedagogical methodology, as a unique discipline, as applied ethics, and as employing information ethics as the foundation of computer ethics the increasing integration of information and communication technology (ICT) into society. As technology advances, computers continue to have a greater impact on society. Therefore, computer ethics promotes the discussion of how much influence computers should have in areas such as artificial intelligence and human communication. As the world of computers evolves, computer ethics continues to create ethical standards that address new issues...

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