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Last week, Ms Soon asked us to do personality test to see which respective role we are in. After doing the test, the result told me that I am a thinker. Today we were asked to form team of fives with each of every role in the team. After forming the team, we were asked to do the task assigned by our tutor.
The objectives of doing all these is to make sure that all the team have the gender balanced so that we can understand each other well. This is also to prepare us in the future where we can easily work in groups. Team is crucial because it engages in some goal-oriented activity while also striving for good social relations and a general state of well-being (Tyson,1989).
I felt quite shocked after knowing that I am a thinker which I think it is quite true. Besides, I was quite satisfied with the team selection process because I am able to team with people that have different knowledge and also gender balanced.
My plan is to tell my group to work in accordance to their purpose because people working in accordance with their purpose are far more likely to seek to contribute something greater to the world through their work (Frehse,2003). I also plan to forgive everyone after knowing that they did wrong because we are working as a team.
Tyson, T , 1998, Working with Groups, 2nd edn, Macmillan Education, Melbourne.
Frehse, W, 2003, Manage Your Own Career-Reinvent your job, Pearson Prentice Hall, Frenchs Forrest, NSW.

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