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Duck N Cover

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Duck and Cover
Arzetta Grays
April 5, 2012
Michael Breakey

When reviewing the video duck and cover, it would seem as though we were just as afraid of being attacked. So in precaution we reassured everyone that there were ways to be protected when a bombing should accrue. It looks as if like the government put out this video out to give the people a piece of mind, so that they would not be in a panic or rage of it happing to them. Even with the smallest bit of since people should realize that crouching down in a ball is not going to help you out in no shape or form from a nuclear bomb. When comparing this to the threat of terrorism some of the similarities were the panic and the damage to the land as well as damage to the people emotionally. I do not really think that it was many differences between the two. If only two well-armed countries are involved in the gloomy encounter, and if each set off less than 10 percent of its total nuclear arsenal over the other's largest cities, the mildest imaginable outcome is 35 million dead and 10 million seriously injured in each country, with one-half the total industrial capacity of each side destroyed. Our main enemy would be Russia in the attack if we were to go head to head. The other cultural context I got from the film I that America will do anything to make citizens feel safe even if that means dropping a bomb on a threat, or make up a implausible video to keep people in there right mind....

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