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Andy Sachs:

Power trigger: exchanged working for Miranda in order to receive a better job in journalism.

Relations Trigger: External attributions: wear dolce and gabbana clothes she will be seen as a fashionista. Social-identification: Near the end when she finally adapted to the firm, did what she had to do to be around the people she liked in the end.

Values trigger: Goal Identification: Near the end, temporary at the end, but changed her ways because she didn’t want to be like that. Internal attribution: Test of her own skills: get the harry potter book, scarves, had to put up with all the bitch work.

Miranda Priestly:

Power Trigger: manipulation, you don’t do what I tell you to do, you’re fired. Expertise trigger: been in the business for so long, knows what she's talking about. Leader identification: subordinates follow her commands, cause she's the boss.

Relation triggers: social-attribution triggers: if I act a certain way, put up a front, things will get done and she will be seen as a successful business woman/entrepreneur.

Value trigger: Goal Identification: She has common values because this is her industry. Internal Attribution: test of her own skills, testing leadership skills, fashion show for James Holt, went to James fashion show before the show even started, testing her own skills.

Emily Blunt:

Power Trigger: Exchange: Working in order to go to Paris. Manipulation Trigger: Manipulating Andy for her own benefit stays the main assistant.

Relation Triggers: External Attribution: Treated Andy poorly to be seen as the first assistant in everyone’s eyes, puts Andy down in front of other employees to make herself seem superior.

Value Triggers: Goal Identification: She wants to go to Paris; common goal Internal Attribution: she is testing her own skills by memorizing the guest names; even though she failed.


Power triggers: Expertise: He’s respected because he’s been in the field for so long. Only has his expertise, there’s no exchange trigger because he’s satisfied with the result at the end, with the position he currently holds. Relations Trigger: Social-Identification: If he continues to please Miranda he will be around the people he likes, as well as maintain relations in the fashion industry.

Value Triggers: Internal Attribution: Testing his own skill to further his own career, in the end he didn’t advance. Goal Identification: Common values with his co-workers.

Andy Sachs:

Andy is perceived as caring, motivated, determined as well as very ambitious.

Miranda Priestly:

Miranda is perceived as a feminist, blunt, strict and emotionless.

Emily Blunt:

Emily is very focused, goal-oriented and disciplined as shown by her consistently following orders and directions.


Nigel is perceived as knowledgeable, stable, informative and composed

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