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E- Buseiness White Goods Outlet at Sydney

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1.0 Exclusive Summary
The purpose of the strategic essay is to introduce a new white goods outlet at Sydney. In order to successfully enter the target market and launch the store, managers need to carefully manage, operate and design appropriate market strategies. With the development of economic globalization, the relationships between the enterprises are becoming closer. And the enterprises are facing increasingly intense competitions with each other. In this rapidly developing society, marketing is more important for enterprises than ever before. Using the appropriate marketing concept to settle the issues between enterprises and customers is the key to success.
This paper chose Sydney as the target location to open a white goods outlet. As the largest city in Australia, Sydney has a population of about 4.4 million spread over 12,000 square kilometers. Sydney is a metropolitan and tourist attraction center which attracts lots of visitors and foreigners from all over the world. The consumer base of Sydney is huge and the demand for high quality appliance and facility large. This paper is a critical analysis which describes the existing market environment and industry information. The paper firstly gave a brief introduction about the local retailing industry. The following part of the paper defined the mission and the marketing objectives of the target white goods outlet and re-emphasis on the Five Forces model. Implementation plan is more explicit which describes the market condition, promotion, distribution, pricing, product and other related areas of launching the new business. Finally, we made some suggestion and recommendation on the marketing strategies. This marketing plan is just preliminary and need adjustments when implemented.

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