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Task 1: As a consultant, decide to use a a systematic approach to help Spinneys – the famous retail chain to expand their customer outreach in Dubai in line with the 3 directions given by Spinneys.
50 marks.
Spinneys is a super-market chain in the Middle East which began as railway provision merchants in 1924, and expanded to a grocery firm importing British Empire goods to the Mandate Palestine. Spinneys’ Dubai chapter started in1961, with the first super-market opening in Al-Nasr Square in 1962. Today it operates multiple supermarkets in the Middle East. 1
The task entails proposing Spinneys to launch a non-typical online delivery model to expand customers outreach in Dubai by utilizing the time people spend in metro stations, bus stops and similar places to order products from the store via QR-Code technology or any other suitable technology in those lines.
The first constraint laid out by Spinneys is to utilize the time people spend while waiting at metro stations, bus-stops and other waiting times to order online which they could implement was through online shopping facility.
The second constraint was to use QR codes for this initiative and the third constraint was that they did not want to invest in own data centers for any computing requirements.
My proposal in line with this constraint would be to provide 1. e-koisk with touch screen at metro stations, tram stations, bus stops and also in busy and densely occupied buildings using QR Code technology.
1. 2015, History [Online] Available at: [Accessed on 20th March 2015].

2. Creating a phone application for both android and ios platforms. After the spinneys QR Code is scanned by the mobile phone, it will...

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