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Online Business Expansion Proposal
Gilda Nunley-Jackson
Western Governors University

This paper continues with the exploration of developing an online business expansion proposal for Cornerstone Christian School (CCS). The investigation validated by Oracle’s (2011) white paper offers the necessary criteria to consider before investing in an E-Commerce solution. The paper also discusses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and optimization strategies, their importance and the benefits to both the customer and the company. Another very important reflection was the International consideration aspect and how it’s important to become familiar with each facet of the market to create a viable business. Lastly, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool was selected to provide the highest level of interaction with customers and deliver a tracking mechanism for CCS as well as enhance their overall marketing abilities while effectively managing the business in order to be represented as a leader in the industry.

Online Business Expansion Proposal
Based on Cornerstone Christian School’s (CCS) lack of an E-Commerce solution, an underdeveloped website, lack of International consideration and absence of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, it is necessary to implement these guiding factors to expand their business into a more competitive leader in the private school industry. In the near future, it is imperative for CCS to add several tools, review their search engine strategies to include International consideration and have the ability to analyze all activity related to the customer from a marketing stance. These significant changes will offer CCS an enhanced way of conducting business with the overall intention of increasing their school enrollment.
Several E-commerce solutions will be reviewed before a recommendation is made to make use...

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