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How European retailers are creating the finest shopping experiences

How can retail chains gain market share in ecommerce and at the same time maintain customers loyalty across all their sales channels? Best practices from European retailers show that omnichannel strategies depend on the findability of all product and content data relevant to customers’ needs. Check out some of our key lessons from retailers in Germany and beyond:

1. Providing the best customer experience through omichannel distribution

More and more retail chains are implementing omnichannel strategies, in order to bind customers online and offline and to make their business models sustainable. Customers expect to have their buying desires fulfilled at any time, wherever they are. This is a shopping behaviour that tends to start with a search for a product, whether that be via a smartphone during a TV ad break, at information terminals in bricks and mortar stores or via a PC in an online shop.

2. All data at the right time to the right customers

Customers take for granted that “channel-hopping” will work without a hitch. Retailers, however, face a technical challenge which cannot simply be overcome using a standard e-commerce solution; from various source systems, the entire range on offer – namely quantities of product data, availability, current daily campaigns – must be collected together in a centrally integrated platform and made digitally accessible. Only when all of this works, will investing in product data and content be more likely to elicit a rapid ROI. Thus, how you deliver content is just as important as creating it in the first place.

3. The search as an enabler to retail strategies

Through studying international retailers, who use an omnichannel approach, we’ve seen how search can be strategically deployed as a unifying element of the online and offline worlds,...

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