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Case Study Review #1

1. An internet trend that has been popular this past year is the website called “The Hunt”. The Hunt is where people can post a picture of an item, normally an article of clothing, and people can respond what brand it is or where to buy it. From there, it allows consumers further search to find the cheapest pricing for the item. This is seen as a positive effect for the consumers, because it allows the consumers to find their desired item, when they had no direction or idea on where to purchase it.
The Hunt has a very similar concept to “Pinterest”, but it provides an additional step on where to find the item. Kenneth C. Laudon mentions in his book, “E-commerce 2014”, that “…Pinterest helps drive shoppers to make purchases” (4). Pinterest allows people to post pictures of ideas and visions, and only sometimes provides the direct link on where to purchase the certain items. The Hunt builds off Pinterest’s capabilities of posting photos but allows for more interactivity (Laudon)- connecting the picture posted to where one can purchase the item. In addition, consumers can comment about sizing and personal ratings on the item. In my opinion, I view this as a positive for the consumer. I am a big fan of Pinterest, and am always looking for unique clothing. I have found that “The Hunt” allows myself to find the articles of clothing that I have “liked” or “pinned” on Pinterest, but could not find due to the lack of information. Recently, I have found a scarf and jacket on Pinterest and by using “The Hunt”, I was able to find out where to purchase the item. 2. Other factors that would drive a consumer to purchase online rather than in the local Walmart, is the availability of the desired item. For instance, the product “Proactiv” is not sold in stores. Due to their exclusive values, Proactiv relies heavily on their online store,…...

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