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E-Commerce And Retail Shopping

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The research on the topic - future of the shopping, has revealed that E-Commerce alongside to In-Store retail has become a big part of the shopping process over the past decades. In order to find out what the future shopping looks like, the definition of E-Commerce has been discussed as a theoretical part of the research. The research has revealed that E-Commerce is defined in common literature shortly as “doing business electronically”. (European Commission, 1997). When defining E-Commerce more in detail, the term has been analysed by Kalakota and Whinston from four different perspectives. As the term includes many actions in different variations, few business models have been created and analysed. Two common accepted and mentioned in literature …show more content…
Both trends are considered as important factors of the retail and therefore also the shopping process. All in all, current and the future shopping is a combination of E-Commerce and In-Store shopping, with Omnichannel approach in marketing.

Statistical data used in the research has revealed further expansion of E-Commerce growth in following years. Main reasons why customers continue to shop online and will shop in the future are lower prices, spend less time, home delivery and access to shopping 24 hours a day.

Next to the E-Commerce, which is forecasted to be beloved shopping form in the future, the research conduction has revealed high level of involvement of technology in both, traditional retail and
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What allows companies to build a perception that customer is personally known by the company is again usage of technology.

What´s more, study reveals that In-Store shopping has been and will be accompanied by the mobile app usage, when being in the store. Most common reasons for mobile device usage in the stores are search for additional product information or other customer reviews, or search for lower product prices online. Mobile phones have been predicted as customer assistants when shopping in a store. Moreover, it is expected that customers, when choosing offline shopping, will expect brands to offer them unique In-Store experience and entertainment.

Cofounder and co-CEO of Warby Parker – Neil Blumenthal believes that “the future of retail sits at the intersection of E-Commerce and brick and mortar. The two experiences should be seamlessly integrated and complementary. The goal for each shopping experience is the same: to make the process of buying ... as easy and fun as possible.” (Shearman,

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