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Introduction of Industry and Company Standing

The company that I am working now is a brick and mortar company, which named Jefferson. The company has no E-commerce transaction. After doing some research on how to establish an E-commerce website for the company, we had come out with the whole idea on how to achieve it.
Jefferson is a clothing company which origin from Malaysia. The main business we are doing all the time was producing cloth with affordable price yet fashionable for male. Going back to the history of the brands, in 1987, the company started their businesses in Komtar, Penang. Through years, the company had sails through successfully with the company’s strong venture in manufacturing and retailing their clothing.
As time goes by the company has graced the fashion industry with beautiful apparels from formal lounge suits to off shelf design, smart casuals and classic lifestyle apparels. Riding the wave of paradigm, Jefferson moved beyond custom tailoring to its own classy boutiques and house brand. With this, the core of the company still remains as time passes by which is to produce high quality products from time to time. The company will always have and always welcome customer’s feedback for better understanding about their needs and concerns.
Besides that, we also provide custom made clothes for some special occasion. We have this service is because we want to make sure our cloth is always up to the trend and able to compete with our competitors. We have our own R&D department in order to make sure our company is always in the right track of the business.
Jefferson is the natural choice for men who have the taste of razzle and dazzle in the limelight. Jefferson product every fashion product which suits all the teenager. They have formal shirt, slacks, dinner jackets and coats to lifestyle casual wear such as polo-T, jeans, T-shirts, belts and many more in order to complete the masterpiece in you. Some part of the product such as buttons and fabrics are made out of coconut pulps and sea shell. This is to ensure that we do conscious about the environment issue around us and we hope to do our very best to conserve the environment. With all the recyclable material, it will definitely make the environment more green.
Our product is selling hot in many states throughout Malaysia and we had also expense our businesses to Indonesia. There are 2 outlets in Penang which located in Queensbay Mall and Aeon Seberang Jaya. Our store is specially design in order to gain attention from the customers and leave them a good impression.
As for our store, we hired all the experienced worker which has an idea on how to dress well. They may give the customer ideas on how to dress and they may end up satisfy from it and purchase cloth from us because our cloth is always up to date. We also make sure that our workers are able to speak well in English and Chinese in order to communicate well with the customers.
Jefferson is the company which always put customer’s satisfaction as the main criteria. The principal which live on Jefferson is to produce high quality product yet reasonable price in order to compete with others competitors.

Literature Review on E-commerce website
Ralph Lauren clothing company
The company that we chose to talk about is Ralph Lauren which is an upscale American lifestyle company and fashion retailer founded by American designer Ralph Lauren. Since 1939, this company started producing garments not only for men but for women as well.
The moment when you visit the Ralph Lauren homepage, you can easily access to what your heart desire. Why do I say so? As the Ralph Lauren website was design for the sake of the convenience of the customers who visit their homepage. At the top of the homepage you can search for garments for men, women or baby. This categorisation makes it easier for customer to select their product as they don’t have to look through all the other garments that they don’t want to. For example I`m a guy and obviously I`m looking for guys garment so I just click the guys garments section. At the second top of the homepage, you can choose what type of style that you`re looking for. While on the left hand side of the homepage is where you can search for accessories and shoes. Not only that, on the top right of the homepage there is a column for you to search what you want. It is really simple, all you have to do is type what you`re looking for and all the information that you`re looking for will appear. And as well scroll through their clothes, the price are all stated below the clothes that they display and this won`t confuse the customer.
Well the advantages of E-commerce company is that it is easier to reach to the customer despite of the geographical location of the customers. Customers also don’t have to waste their time going to the malls to look for their clothes, all they have to do is to visit the website and purchase from the website. Another advantage of E-commerce is that we can pay through credit card or pay pal. All we have to do is just to choose the product and "Add" to shopping cart, then make a payment. Isn`t this method just so simply? Companies which use E-commerce to sell and promote their product online really do help the customer a lot and make their life easier.
Other than that, another benefits or Ralph Lauren website is that they are able to reduce the cost and at the same time improve the quality of service. As through online marketing, there is no need to employ a lot of workers to handle the business compared to those who are employed with the traditional brick-and-mortar stores. They not only save cost from paying the monthly wages of the employee and also the monthly maintainence and rent of the store. Customer purchase more than $400 will have their order delivered to their door step without any delivery fees. The product that we order will reach at our door step punctually and if they don’t they will compensate by giving vouchers. Well there is no doubt that Ralph Lauren provides world class service.
Well nothing is perfect and of course there are some weaknesses. The disadvantages of the website`s is that the website only use one language in their website which is English only. This makes it hard for them to do sales to customers who don’t understand English. This weakness will make them hard to communicate with all of their customers. In order to solve this problem, they should provide more language so that they can communicate with all the customers.
Conclusion, Ralph Lauren provide a customer friendly environment for all the customer. Customer will feel very convenience shopping through their website and this will improve the sales of the company.

Literature Review on E-commerce website
Zalora company The company that we choose to talk about is Zalora. Zalora is a leading fashion website based in Singapore. It operates across seven countries in South East Asia. Zalora is your one stop destination for fashion and footwear which brings you an insight on global trends.

When you visit Zalora homepage, you will be impress by the way they design and construct their webpage. The amazing design of the homepage won`t make the customer fell bored and will be able to shop happily. Firstly, at the top of the page customer can select whether they want to look at men, women or kids section. This would makes it a lot easier for the customer to choose what they want. Secondly, at the left part of the homepage customer can choose what type of garments they are looking for. Customer can also choose what type of accessories and footwear on the left side of the homepage. Thirdly, on the top left of the homepage is where they promote all the free gifts and voucher that they are giving away. And lastly on the top right of the home page there is a column for you to search what you want. This really helps customer to save time searching manually for what they are looking for. Other than that, the advantages of Zalora is that they provide easy navigation and intuitive operation. The online store is well laid out and easy to use. During the customer first visit to zalora or when searching for a specific model, customers are guided throught the shop step by step to complete their purchase quickly and easily. In addition, another advantages of Zalora website is simple and safe shopping. Once the desired item are chosen, customer can choose between various secure payment options. Payment can be simply made by invoice, direct debit, prepayment or credit card. After a successful order, customers are informed about the current status of their order. Each customer receives a tracking number with which they can follow up their order until delivery. Zalora also provide fast shipping. At the moment they customer order, the orders will be ship out at the same day. Another advantages is that Zalora ship and deliver for free in condition that the customer purchase above then RM75 and also accept returns within 30days after delivery. Zalora also focus on comprehensive and personal service. Customer can use the customer service hotline or customer service live chat on the topic ‘footwear and fashion’ and also address their question to the expect customer support. There is an extensive range of services available for the customers.

The disadvantages of this website is regarding to language. The website only use one language which is English. The usage of only one language narrow`s down the ability to reach to all customer as some of the customer don`t understand English. Zalora should provide a multi- racial language so that it will be more convenience for the customer to communicate and do business with them.

Conclusion, Zalora provides a lot of service for the customer to allow customer to shop easily. There is no doubt that a lot of customer will be attached to them.

Service Provider that may engage by the company

Service ProviderFeatures | NETBUILDER | HILEYTECH | UNO | Packages | * CMS Lite * EC Premium Package * EC Professional Package | (Static Web Pages) * Package A: 10 * Package B: 25 * Package C: 50 | * Lite * Professional * Enterprise | Design & Development of Corporate Content | | | | MyMall Shopping Engine Modules | * Shopping Cart System * E-Catalog System * Member System * Coupon System & Module * Product comparison * Shipping Module * Stock inventory module * Comment & Rating Module * Wishlist * Customer loyalty program | * Shopping cart system * Wholesale Module * Mailing List System * Product Reviews * Affiliate Programs * Multi-tier pricing * Unlimited Shipping * Functional coupon and discount system | * Shopping cart system * Product tagging * Shipping module * Interactive Navigation Manu * News & Events Module * Search engine submission * Newsletter Subscriptions form | Shipping Solution | Pos Laju, FedEx, ABX, SecureExpress | | | Supported Payment Gateway Integration | NBePay, PayPal, 2CheckOut | WorldPay, PayPal, | PayPal, iPay88 | Social Marketing Tools | Facebook, Google+, Twitter | | Facebook | Interactive Tools | News, Forum, Vote/Poll System Module | | News | Web & E-mail Storage | 10GB | Unlimited | | Monthly Transfer Limit | 20GB | 5GB | | Pricing | RM3,488 for 1st year ; RM480 for renewal | RM2500 for 1st year,RM280 for renewal | * Lite: RM2880 * Professional: RM3880 * Enterprise: RM5280 |
Table 4: Comparison between service provider ( : did not listed)
To move in e-commerce, our company needs a service provider. This may provide us any combination of consulting, software and computer systems for e-commerce websites. The table above shows the comparison between 3 service providers on the packages, design & development of corporate content, MyMall shopping engine modules, shipping solution, supported Payment Gateway Integration, social marketing & interactive tools, web & E-mail storage, monthly transfer limit and pricing. According to the table above, the benefits and features of NETBUILDER is the most suitable for our company. All of the service providers provide the design and development of our company’s content by uploading our products’ photos and description. Intro and entry pages are also included. In the category of MyMall shopping engine modules, NETBUILDER provides extra features to us, which are the e-catalog system, member system, coupon system and module, stock inventory module, wishlist and customer loyalty program. Next, NETBUILDER provides shipping solution of Pos Laju, FedEx, SecureExpress and ABX. The supported payment gateway integrations are NBePay, PayPal and 2CheckOut. Its social marketing tools also include the Facebook, Google+ and Twitter while others only include Facebook. The interactive tools include news, forum, vote/poll system module while others just include news.
Moreover, NETBUILER provides 10GB of web and email storage and 20GB of monthly transfer limit. This is more than enough to support our company’s daily operation. Although it is not the cheapest price among the service providers, it is worth if it gives us so much of features and benefits on the website. So, the price is reasonable and fair enough.
Thus, NETBUILDER is the best choice of our company to move in e-commerce.

Analyze On The Target Market For Jefferson And The Customer Buying Behavior
Age of people purchasing in Jefferson in year 2012

Age of people purchasing in Jefferson in year 2012

Jefferson is a shop that selling men’s apparel. The above bar chart is showing the age of people purchasing in Jefferson’s shop for the year 2012. Basically, the purchase rate for the age 13-22 is higher and consisted of 40% because they spend most of their time in the shopping malls. But most of the people at this age are not working, so they have limited purchasing power. The lowest purchasing rate is those people who are age 53 and above because the design is not suitable for them.

The revenue of Jefferson is very low, earning a profit of not more than 10% every year. Without a new path way, Jefferson will be bitten down by other brands in the future. Moving into E-commerce is a best solution for the company. Customers can purchase our product any place and any time. With e-commerce, our company will earn 50% or more revenue in the end of year 2013. There will be a new market target and customer buying behavior when the company moves into e-commerce.
Nowadays, internet had become a need for human. Even old people are taking courses to learn how to use a computer to serve the internet. E-commerce has become the biggest market in the world. There are many brands starting to use e-commerce to widen their market. Therefore, there are many benefits when Jefferson sells their product using e-commerce.

The pie chart above is to show the main target market. Consumers will be separate into age of segments. The main target market for Jefferson with E-commerce is segment 1. This segment is from the age 23-32 and it consisted of 55% and made it as our main target market. We target people from the age 23-32 because most of them are working and they have the money to buy our product. The purchase percentage for segment 1 without E-commerce is very low because most of them have no time to go shopping. With e-commerce, they will get all updates and get to purchase all products including those new arrivals with just a simple click. People in segment 1 spend most of their time on the internet. E-commerce is open 24/7 and people in segment 1 will have the higher rate to purchase Jefferson’s product in the web. The above pie chart is to show the percentage of consumers buying behavior. Before buying any product, consumers will have their reasons why they purchase the product. Analyze 15% of consumers purchase Jefferson’s product in e-commerce because of fashionable. Jefferson’s will new design of apparel every week and this design is high fashion. 25% of the consumers buying behavior are because it’s affordable. The price of Jefferson’s apparel is reasonable and it is worth to buy because those clothes are everyday wear. There will be discounts if the customer purchases more than a certain limit in our e-commerce web page.

Besides that, we will also do themes like winter wear and summer wear to attract more consumers. These themes will be change every 4 months to keep the freshness of the trend. Doing themes in our e-commerce web page will attract teenagers. Colour combination of the apparel is also one of the consumers buying behavior. With a nice colour combination, costumers will be easily attracted to make purchase in our e-commerce web page immediately.
Lastly, the biggest percentage of consumers buying behavior is easy to purchase. It consists of 35% and that’s the reasons why people like to shopping in e-commerce website. Shopping in malls is a waste of time because consumers have to drive a distance to the mall, find a car park, and have to walk to the shop to purchase. Workers are tired after working and have to spend time with family during the week end. They don’t really have the time to shop in the malls. E-commerce will help consumers to save a lot of time. It is very easy to purchase in e-commerce and consumers can pay with their credit card online and get their goods in 3 days. Consumers don’t have to worry of the product because Jefferson also gives a high standard of goods and services.

Conclusion As to summarize the whole report on how can Jefferson develop an E-commerce, there are they few ways and steps up there in order to achieve it. Firstly, we have introduce our own company ups and down in order to get the whole idea of what company we are and also what industry we are in. We had also include the history of the company to give a clearer view of the company.
We have done some research on two of the same industry company which is Zalora and Polo Ralph Lauren. With these two company, we had analyse their online shopping and also the advantages and disadvantages of the whole E-commerce website. With all these research, we have a clearer view of the whole industry and on how to establish a better E-commerce website. With all these, we believe it will provides us a better idea on developing a good website in order to compete with our competitors.
As for the third part, we had also done research on the online service provider to find out which online service provider is most suitable for us. We had finally came out with one company which is reliable and we manage to get contacts with it for further developments. With the reliable online service provider, we will have an attractive website in order to leave a good impression for the customers.
Lastly, the fourth part we had discuss on the target market for the company and in the same time we had do research on the customer buying behaviour. With all the chart that we had shown, it give us a clearer view of the whole market.
In conclusion, with all this information that we had gather and research, I am confident that we are able to develop our E-commerce as soon as possible.

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Ecommerce and Mcommerce

...Girnar (FT174072) E-commerce is any form of economic activity that is conducted via electronic medium. M-commerce is a subset of E-commerce. Consumers can choose different devices to shop online. The devices are personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. There is a huge increase in number of mobile phones in India and this is expected to be leveraged by the E-commerce industry. There are more than 286 million debit cards in India and additional security (via security codes) enhances the scope of Ecommerce (Deshmukh, Sujata, & Deshmukh, Prashant, & Thampi, G. T 2013). Initial consumers prefer to shop those goods which don’t have touch and feel factor, but this trend is gradually changing. Customer satisfaction depends on information quality and service quality (Joshi, Priyanka 2015). There are some challenges in m-commerce. Small screens and sparse internet connectivity are some of them .One set of researcher looks at how M Commerce should be adopted. There are articles like "Effective optimization of Web Sites for Mobile access" which talks about technical problems that occurred while introducing E Commerce website over mobile phone screen. (Marci Troutman, Steve Timpson, 2008). Further researchers talked about who are the first adopters of E Commerce mobile applications and their patterns. When M Commerce was introduced the initial users were mostly web users. (Liren Einav, Igor Popov and Neel Sundaresan 2012). E-commerce consumer behaviour......

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Week 3 Article Review

...Article Review In today’s business world, the use of technology has changed how transactions take place between consumers and businesses. The capability to do business on the Internet has opened the gates for companies to grow at faster rates by making products and services available to consumers on demand. Although the Internet has allowed quick expansion to many business sectors, the growth of such capabilities has also presented a different set of issues. Protecting intellectual property for these types of business transactions has proven to be challenging. Common types of intellectual property protection include copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights, trade dress, and in some jurisdictions trade secrets. Legislatures have educated themselves with priority, on the differences in commerce and e-commerce. The following article review will reveal what is becoming more apparent as consumers persistently demand instaneous e-commerce products and services. Intellectual-property Protection Opens Path for E-commerce One of the fastest growing e-commerce businesses today is the sale of music, documents, software,and other forms of intellectual property. Vendors of such products are faced with how to protect this intellectual property that they are selling over the internet from people who copy, forward, or resell without authorization. This is...

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Kohls Article

...Reviewer Name: Scott Goss Article Title: Coming Back to Kohl’s Article Author: Lawrence C. Strauss Article Publication Date: Saturday, October 26, 2013 Article Source: Barron’s URL: Article Summary (200 – 300 words): The article “Coming Back to Kohl’s” describes how strong efforts from management could lead to a 20% rise over the next year for the company’s shares. Management has taken steps in improving inventory levels and merchandising. Improvements in the form of merchandise assortment, private-label programs, and e-commerce are expected to create modest revenue growth and higher pretax margins. Recent management decisions have been made to support the possible 20% rise beginning with the retailer’s shareholder-friendly capital-allocation policies. As of 2010, management has reduced market capitalization by 30%, buying back nearly $4.6 billion worth of shares. Currently, the stock yields 2.6% and in 2011 issued dividends which have grown steadily to $1.40 a share. Misjudging demand has been a problem for Kohl’s since the beginning. Management has put an emphasis on solving this issue and has already seen signs of success. In the August quarter alone results have shown a 6% rise in inventories. In May, there was an announcement made that the company would be hiring Michelle Gass, a former Starbucks executive who......

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