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E-Commerce Business Strategy

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E-Commerce Business Strategy
The purpose of this paper is to solve the business problem of creating an E-Commerce business strategy for a traditional brick and mortar women’s boutique. The internet allows a company to reach a demographic through the Web that is all over the world, which results in an accelerated global marketing strategy and a possible competitive advantage in women’s fashion. There is a lot of competition on the internet and captivating the attention of customers will not be an easy task. The E-Commerce business strategy for Simply Unbelievable will be implementation of a cloud-based digital commerce platform that will create an exceptional shopping experience for consumers.
Company Background Simply unbelievable is a home-based business that sells boutique fashions specializing in women’s clothing, jewelry, and handbags and has been in business for 10 years. Location is critical to the success of any business and Simply Unbelievable does not maintain a traditional brick-and-mortar store. The success of Simply Unbelievable has been by the home party plan business concept of direct selling to their customers. The home party plan has provided the perfect location for customers to view current fashion trends in the comfort of their own home or surroundings. Women who are comfortable spend more money and this has generated Simply Unbelievable revenues for the past 10 years. Simply Unbelievable has had no significant internet presence other than email blasts to their customers for special events. Customers started sharing their shopping experience on Facebook. Facebook is a huge social networking site that allows users to share interests, make connections, and Facebook created a positive following for Simply Unbelievable to reach new customers and generate new sales. Dressy-Women’s Fashion...

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