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E-Commerce Evolution

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Evolution of E-Commerce E-commerce has become one of the most prevalent changes in the way we do business today. Businesses, before the creation of the web, were typically at a physical location where customers could come, browse, try-on, and purchase goods and services. Some of the disadvantages of this business model were: customers restricted by location, the need for larger amounts of inventory, larger retail space, and more employees to cover customer-service.
E-commerce began with the advent of the Internet and started as billboards for information and advertisement purposes. Then as technology developed through the early 1980s, it grew into e-mail purchasing (Compuserve). From there, the World Wide Web, internet browsers (Netscape) and the first security protocol (SSL) were invented. These technologies, combined together, allowed for the safe transmission of data over the Internet and many entrepreneurs looked at new ways to take advantage of these technologies to grow and develop the way they did business. In 1994, the first services for processing online credit card sales were developed along with digital IDs and certificates to verify the identity of online businesses. Then by 1995 Amazon was selling their first products on-line and their customers were from all 50 states and over 45 countries breaking down some of the restrictions of a traditional retail store.
With the development of Web 2.0, broad-band services and more affordable and easy-to-use e-commerce solutions, the e-commerce landscape changed from e-tailors such as Amazon and EBay to other types of businesses developing web sales such as large retail stores, on-line malls and other shopping venues. Many new technologies became available for on-line shopping use. These included shopping carts, metasearch engines for comparing on-line prices, databots or shopping bots, and on-line...

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