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E-Commerce in Business Culture

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The following paper takes a comprehensive look at E-Commerce in business culture. The outline given appropriates the need for E-Commerce by way of projected revenue generation and new outreach to customers. Moreover, benefits for capitalization that allows building and/or adding new avenues to do business and gain customer base. More importantly is how the use of this tool grows customer service and company reputation not only to their customers but vendors and suppliers as well.

E-COMMERCE SUPPORTING BUSINESS South Main Customs is located in the heart of Kannapolis North Carolina. This local motorcycle shop is surrounded by a community of motorcycle enthusiast (SouthMainCustoms, n.d.). This shop is famous not for selling motorcycle’ and/or other small engine machines such as all-terrain vehicles and watercrafts but for safety gear and apparel along with other ancillary accessories. Unlike the local Wal-Mart that sales discounted and less popular and limited brands of products, locals flock to South Main Customs for their extensive brick and motor shop availabilities. South Main Customers carries all the popular brands for each season and type of riding. The merchant model which is a model where a retailer makes sales from their website would benefit South Main Customs most appropriately. This model transforms a successful brick and motor shop to an electronically virtual shop on the World Wide Web for customers to make purchases. With this online shop customers can shop at home, on the go via their smart phone and request custom orders. Furthermore, the shop can launch a delivery service within the servicing a specified radius for extended customer service....

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