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Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

__T_ 1. IBM defines electronic business as "the transformation of key business processes through the use of Internet technologies."

___T_ 2. A transaction is an exchange of value.

___F_ 3. A transaction always has one or more activities associated with it, and an activity will always be related to a transaction.

__T__ 4. Transferring funds, placing orders, sending invoices, and shipping goods to customers are all types of activities or transactions.

__F__ 5. Business-to-consumer electronic commerce occurs when a person sells an item through a Web auction site to another person.

__T__ 6. The U.S. government is one of the largest EDI trading partners in the world.

__T__ 7. Firms such as Walmart and General Electric have been pioneers in using EDI to improve their purchasing processes and their relationships with suppliers.

__T__ 8. A value added network (VAN) is an independent firm that offers connection and transaction-forwarding services to buyers and sellers engaged in EDI.

__T__ 9. The increase in broadband connections in homes is a key element in the B2C component of the second wave.

__T__ 10. In some cases, business processes use traditional commerce activities very effectively, and technology cannot improve upon them.

__F__ 11. The skills of merchandising and personal selling can be easy to practice remotely.

__F__ 12. A small-denomination item is a product or service that is hard to distinguish from the same product or services provided by other sellers.

__F__ 13. An outsourcing profile is the collection of attributes that affect how easily a product can be packaged and delivered.

__T__ 14. A DVD is an excellent example of an item with a high value-to-weight ratio.

__T__ 15. A product that has a strong brand reputation...

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