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E-Learning vs Traditional Learning

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ELearning VS Traditional Learning
Rashonda Ocain
COM 170
June 23, 2014
Professor Olson

E-learning VS Traditional Learning
Many Americans consider continuing their education every day, but do not know whether online or traditional education is the best fit. As technology progresses significantly, it has bearings on every area of life, even on the way of learning. Today’s way of living now gives students the option to not only attend school/class in a traditional classroom, but to also attend virtually. Therefore, if a student works full time and wants to attend school – he now has the option to attend online. Despite sharing some apparent similarities, the differences between traditional and online learning environments are extraordinary. Traditional and E-learning are suitable learning environments that have different executions in (a) scheduling and participation, (b) student/teacher relationships, and (c) assignments and test.
The first distinctions between traditional learning and e-learning are scheduling and participation. Traditional classroom settings require a fixed environment, which reduces the amount of students that can learn at the same time. However, an online class allows thousands/millions of students to take the same course at one time. Moreover, traditional classes are not flexible. Traditional classrooms require that students and teachers show up for classes at a certain time, while online classrooms can be assessed anytime during the day. Therefore, traditional classrooms would not be an option for full time employees or mothers because they could not meet the attendance requirement. Furthermore, while attendance plays a very important part in participation with both a traditional and e-learning class, they are executed very differently. In an online class, your participation is mandatory and attendance is based on how many times you...

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