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E-Marketing SERVICES

About us
D-Evenement is an organization of some young and experienced dreamers. In D-Evenement we are committed to provide absolute attention to every detail of your event and marketing solution with the highest quality. We enhance the value and image of our clients by not only providing them with exquisite events, creativity and experiences, but also distinctive “fresh ideas”. Through active listening and communication we understand the value and importance of each event. We are committed to undivided attention to every detail of your event with the highest quality. We work together with our clients as a team with common goals. In short, we believe in a balanced score card:
• Provide every guest with an experience that exceeds clients' expectation.
• Deliver events on target for time and budget.
• Be the best, no exception.

Here we attach Detail proposal, if you have any query regarding the proposal please feel free to ask because
• We Listen.
• We Understand.
• We Deliver.

D-Evenement provides a wide range of advertisement options which would ensure maximum visibility of your products and services among increasing number

E-mail Marketing

New Customers are just a click away...
Millions of businesses use e-mail marketing every day to find new customers and keep them coming back. E-mail marketing is effective, affordable, and best of all; it is the easy way to get your business in front of a targeted list of people.
Our e-mail databases contain more than 4,51,000 active ids of motivated online users that have been verified, to insure the address is actually in use by a person.


Particulars Rate
Single Tk. 7,000
2 rounds
(Could be one campaign run twice or two separate campaigns) Tk. 12,000
3 rounds
(Could be one...

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