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1. Each student must review FOUR peer’s ePortfolio sites. Review it carefully for all required items.
2. Score each site using the below Peer Critique Worksheet. Please provide comments justifying the score issued (this is required!).
3. Submit on Blackboard using the assignment link all FOUR critiques by the due date and time.
Due Date:
• Monday, March 20, 2012 by 11:59 pm. (NO LATE SUBMISSIONS ALLOWED!)
Your Name: __________________ Peer Name (Site you Critiqued): ____________________ Skill
[20 points] Effective:
[15 points]
[10 points]
[5 points]
(Did not turn in an ePortfolio)
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Response to ePortfolio Assignment
(Required Content Areas) Followed all of professor’s directions; completed the assignment; added extra material. Followed most of the professor’s directions; completed the assignment. Did not follow most of the professor’s directions or failed to complete part of the assignment. Disregarded professor’s directions and failed to complete a significant part of the assignment. Did not complete the ePortfolio assignment. Creative Use of Technology

Innovative use of graphics, sounds, e-mail, links, additional software and Internet resources: superior presentation. Several creative sounds, graphics, and links used; presentation: keeps readers attention. Some uses of interesting sounds and graphics: predictable presentation. No evidence of independent resources: monotonous presentation. Did not complete the ePortfolio assignment.

Attractiveness & Organization Graphics, colors, font size attractive and easy to read: enhances the portfolio Graphics, colors, font size appropriate. Graphics, colors, font size slightly distracting or adds little to the portfolio Graphics, colors, font size distracting and difficult to read: detracts from the portfolio Did not complete the ePortfolio assignment.

Personal Reflection Excellent evaluation of personal strengths and weaknesses. Accurate consideration of personal strengths and weaknesses. Somewhat superficial consideration of personal strengths and weaknesses. Shows little interest in own work. Did not complete the ePortfolio assignment. Grammar Flawless grammar and punctuation. Very few grammar and punctuation errors. Some grammar and punctuation errors. Several grammar and punctuation errors. Did not complete the ePortfolio assignment.


Comments to Justify Score: (REQUIRED)

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...price- $36.29 52 week range - $30.82-36.90 Expenses – 0.5% Management fees 0.38% Other expenses – 0.12% Type of Fund: open-ended fund. Class R shares are generally available only to retirement plans. Class R-5 are generally available only to fee-based programs or through retirement plan intermediaries. No dealer compensation is paid from fund assets on sales of Class R-5 or R-6 shares. I like that the expenses are low. It is a lower risk fund. Although it is a growth fund, it doesn’t seem to fluctuate that much.   American Funds Capital World G/I R5 (RWIFX) 36.29 0.08(0.22%) Nov 27 Add to Portfolio Risk as of Oct 30, 2012 Get Risk for: Risk Overview Morningstar Risk Rating: 3 Number of Years Up 7 Number of Years Down 2 Best 1 Yr Total Return(Dec 30, 2003): 39.47% Worst 1 Yr Total Return(Dec 30, 2008): -38.21% Risk (Modern Portfolio Theory) Statistics 3 Years Statistic RWIFX Category Alpha (against Standard Index) 4.13 5.19 Beta (against Standard Index) 0.87 0.85 Mean Annual Return 0.68 0.76 R-squared (against Standard Index) 95.16 86.55 Standard Deviation 17.40 17.88 Sharpe Ratio 0.47 0.53 Treynor Ratio 7.89 10.04 5 Years Statistic RWIFX Category Alpha (against Standard Index) 2.91 2.36 Beta (against Standard Index) 0.87 0.89 Mean Annual Return 0.02 -0.03 R-squared (against Standard Index) 96.30 89.30 Standard Deviation 20.80 22.04...

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