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E-Services Implemenation

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Executive summary
This project report is about implementing a B2C (Business to customer) for e-services at an asset management company which was established in 2008 with the purpose of managing and developing the Corporation’s assets. The key areas which the company focuses are on property management, project management, investment and hospitality. This project report is divided into 8 sections – introduction, company overview, background and purpose, risk management, planning and management, monitoring and controlling, change management and conclusion.
The first section of the project report begins off with a brief introduction about what project management is actually all about. Then we move onto the second section which is the company overview. The company overview gives us a brief background about the firm’s activities and what they focus on. Third section involves the project background and purpose. The project background explains about what the project is all about and the purpose of implementing the project. This section also includes – The business need, project success criteria and the general assumptions for the project. The fourth section involves the risk management of B2C, this is done by following ‘Barker and Cole’s’ risk management theory where areas of risk and corrective measures for mitigating risk are mentioned. The fifth section involves the planning and management of B2C implementation by use of management tools such as Work breakdown structure (WBS) and Gantt chart. The WBS helps in effectively breaking down tasks/activities into smaller units of work while the Gantt chart helps in projecting task breakdown and time of completion in a chart format.
Moving on, the sixth section involves the monitoring and control of B2C through way of dashboards. In simple words dashboard is a reporting structure which helps to…...

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