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1. INTRODUCTION: * How many people out there can honestly say they have irreproachable table manners? * Table manners are acquired, not hard wired into our DNA. * Having proper behavior, including table manners, it is very important. So what can we do? Learn and PRACTICE. 2. CONTENT: * “ ALL GREAT CHANGE IN AMERICA BEGINS AT THE DINNER TABLE” Ronald Reagan * Let’s begin our business dinner

Be prepared: * Know the location and how to get there; look up information online. * Arrive in time; if you are the host, arrive a little bit early and make payment arrangements with manager (it looks more sophisticated if payments and checks do not get to the table).

B. WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE DINNER… * Shake hands, introduce yourself if needed. * Wait for your host’s cue before sitting, ordering, and starting dinner. * C. THROUGHOUT THE DINNER… * Remember that your primary goal is to conduct business, not to eat. * Order food that is easy to eat. * Order coffee or desert, and use the extra time to make decisions and review key points. * Stand up when a lady arrives or leaves the table.

D. IMPORTANT ETIQUETTE: * Pause and finish * Napkin * Bread and butter

E. RULE OF ONE OR NONE: * Don’t drink alcohol, or limit to one drink.

F. AMERICAN VERSUS CONTINENTAL DINING STYLE: * Both are correct * Continental style is more sophisticated.

Why it is important to have good table manners: lasting impression, invited again, self-confidence....

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