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Discussion 1
For this discussion, read the article "Oxygen Therapy in the Home" located in the module for Week 2. Considering the information in the article, address the following in your initial post by Wednesday July 20. * Your text describes several different roles the community health nurse can fill. Of the roles discussed in your text, what two roles would be the most important to fill and why? (in relation to the article) * Considering the core public health functions a community nurse fills, discuss how a community nurse can partner within the community to address issues related to the article.
You must reply to one other post by Saturday July 23 at 2355.
Post I:
The two roles that would be most important for the nurse to fill in relation to this article would be the educator role and collaborator role. While this article discusses the loss suffered by Mr. Jones this is a scenario that it’s very common. If the nurse had fulfilled the role of an educator Mr. Jones would have known that he should neither smoke while he was hooked up to his oxygen nor while his oxygen was on in the room. In this circumstance Mr. Jones’ memory seemed a bit hazy at home the nurse could have provided a written list of information about oxygen therapy in the home so that Mr. Jones didn’t have to resort to assumption or verbal recall when making his decision. As a collaborator a nurse must work with many people outside of patients and physicians. Oxygen is a commonly prescribed drug for home health, and it is not uncommon for a home medical equipment company doing what they did for Mr. Jones. As a nurse it would have been helpful to stay in the room while the HME employee taught Mr. Jones to operate the specific portable oxygen device. This is also assuming the role of patient advocacy. The nurse collaborate with the HME company on ways to perform home inspections to…...

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