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Early 1900's

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Contrast Essay

In the early nineteen hundreds when black segregation was a big problem in the united states. A young black figure was born by the name of Malcolm X. His father was a preacher who was spreading the word of Marcus Aurelius Garvey. That being for african american people to just go back to Africa because they would be better off there. He felt as if they would be at peace only if they were on there homeland. This goes to show that the people in the nightmare article was scared and feared the white man. It seem like they were scared to stand up and fight they try to take the easy way out and leave. The people in the Black Mixtape were different. They weren't afraid to stand up to the white man for what they believed in. They believed that everyone should be treated equal. They wanted to end all segregation and be treated as the white man and they were ready to go to any such extent to get there message across. The Black Panthers was a group of african americans who were among the people on the mixtape who went into the California Assembly with loaded rifles. This goes to show you the difference from the two groups of the blacks. One was ready to die for wat they believed in and was going to do what ever they had as to the ones who were just going to get away before the shit hit the...

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