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Karen Anne P. Royo
I believe that everyone has experienced inequality in their lives .In my experience, when I was in elementary and high school level, my assumption was that my mother loves my sister more than me. She often give what my sister wants, that is why I began to start cutting classes and got suspended. I did that so that my mother could notice me. Now that I’m matured enough, now these things are no longer big deal to me, for matured people understand things simply and compromise the lack of the person. I realized that the love and care of a mother is always equal and fair. Therefore because of this, I learned that what you see and observe is not always correct.
There are cases in which you do not have to think carefully because it’s too obvious. Just what I experience when my husband was injured due to motor accident. I observed that there are some hospitals who prioritizes patients with money rather than who are poor. But if they have money they would really take good care of them. In this situation I have seen that there are some hospitals that inequality could be experienced.
My standpoint is that equality is more dominant. Everything is even, the rich and the poor, beautiful and lovely, etc. God made it because there is a reason. So everybody must not be judgemental, because of their attitude, people have lost their confidence. So I should treat everyone equally.

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