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The Human Spark; Becoming Us
The documentary, The Human Spark; Becoming Us, shows many possible theories to why humans achieved the spark and Neanderthals died off. Focusing on only a few of the main points; why humans received the spark and Neanderthals did not. The discovery of tools, symbolic jewelry and art, are at the forefront of changing our understanding of what the human spark was. Helping scientists to understand why modern humans had the spark and Neanderthals did not. Neanderthals and human tools were very similar except that human tools show the ability of a mind that can adapt. They can explain many reasons behind the spark, all of which show evidence of how the spark might have begun in modern human beings. Tools to make weapons and artwork are far superior in humans with no symbolic art discovered being created by Neanderthals.

The hand ax was a basic tool of our ancestors. By using soft percussion process to make tools they were able to create better tools and sharper, but not specific to one task. The Neanderthals used the same toolkit year after year and possibly for thousands of generations. There tools would be used in many different ways like chopping, scraping, cutting or smashing bones and to slice meat. The use of the soft percussion technique allowed for a sharper point and more finely designed tools. That was, one of the first signs that the brain was changing. It works so well there was no drive for evolutionary change. By not having the ability or thought process to make change, they were stuck and would never move forward, just disappear as modern humans or Cro-Magnons would take their place. These early humans had mastered making tools. There innovative technology of making tools for special use, not a single tool for many uses, or a set of tools for everything. That helped to separate Cro-Magnon's and the Neanderthals. These types...

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