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Humans often wonder what their obligations are and what they owe their fellow man. There are many answers to this inquiry, as there are many things we owe to each other as human beings. Every human being has an obligation to care for our planet Earth. We owe it to our predecessors as well as our future generations to protect and preserve the planet. We owe protection to the Earth for providing us with abundant resources and allowing us to inhabit it. In Recent years, humans’ negative effects on the Earth have become more evident. Pollution is slowly rotting away the protective ozone layer, causing ice caps to melt and the water levels to increase. The animal population suffers because of over-hunting, poaching and the destruction of habitats. Humans are taking advantage of the planet Earth, and our careless ways are slowly destroying this beautiful planet on which we live. The animals with which we share this planet are facing the brunt of our mistreatment of the Earth. The Endangered Species list is growing at an alarming pace, and no region is safe. “One in four mammals is threatened with extinction” (Rogers, EarthFirst) In Africa, elephants are being hunted for ivory and lions are being hit by cars on roads going through their habitats. The alligator population of the Florida Everglades is dwindling due to habitat destruction and the penguins of Antarctica are now endangered due to careless human mistakes such as oil spills. Most of this peril is due to the destruction and tampering of animal habitats by humans. Agriculture is one reason for these habitat losses. “Today there is increasing pressure to redevelop conservation lands for high-priced food and bio-fuel crops” (National Wildlife Federation) Another reason is development. Humans are turning beautiful habitats that are homes for many different species of wildlife into apartment complexes and...

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