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Earth 1200
One of the biggest problems facing the world today is global warming, as many scientists believe that our production of carbon dioxide along with other greenhouse gases are having a heating effect on the atmosphere. This essay will examine the problems of global warming and the dangerous affects that it has for human life along with explaining or possible future. In the documentary Earth 2100, you follow along with Lucy an animated character who describes her life during the global warming timeline that scientists believe will be the sixth extinction. She explains key problems that could happen and will affect our future if we don’t change. The first is a raise in temperature; due to the emitted gases by power plants, automobiles, deforestation and other sources that are warming the planet up. Living on the assumption that oil will be plentiful forever and increase in gas prices leaves people moving out of suburbs and into cities to save money. With a shock to the economy with rising food prices as a result people will be forcing the government to take the easy way out by making no change. Creating more coal based plants we affect the planet by warming it up faster than looking for better environmental options. Another Lucy states will be change in landscape because rising temperatures and pattern changes of weather, as some wildlife will be forced to move where it’s colder leaving others without any viable habitat putting our wildlife at risk. However, this also will raise sea levels because of thermal expansion potentially putting low-lying cities at risk. This alone would result in the flooding of low coastal areas and cities, driving people to immigrate into other part of the country generating a strain on producing food. As problems due to changes in the weather patterns, we are experiencing increased hurricanes, floods, and other unusual...

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