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Earthware Auditing Report

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earthwear annual report

company growth strategy EarthWear’s growth strategy has three elements. First, the Company attempts to increase sales by expanding its customer base and by increasing sales to existing customers through improved product offerings. Second, the Company seeks to generate additional sales by targeted mailings of special issues of its catalogs and by offering its products through its web site. Third, the Company is pursuing additional opportunities to expand its merchandising skills internationally.

Company History and operations
EarthWear Clothiers was founded in Boise, Idaho, by James Williams and Calvin Rogers in 1973 to make high-quality clothing for outdoor sports, such as hiking, skiing, fly-fishing, and white-water kayaking. Over the years, the Company’s product lines have grown to include casual clothing, accessories, shoes, and soft luggage. EarthWear offers its products through three retailing options: catalogs, retail outlets, and its website. The Company strives to provide excellent, high-quality products at reasonable prices. EarthWear has a commitment to excellence in customer service and an unconditional guarantee. The Company is also conscious of its environmental responsibilities. All Company facilities are insulated, recycle, and conserve power. The Company continuously monitors the environmental impact of its products. The Company believes that many of its customers share this concern for the environment. The Company offers its products principally through regular mailings of its monthly catalogs in the United States, Europe, and Japan. EarthWear has 10 U.S. outlet stores, four in the U.K., two in Germany, and two in Japan. The Company also offers its products over the Internet ( During 2009, the Company expanded its global presence by launching sites in France, Italy, Ireland, and several...

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