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A gift registry site where people who have a special day or needs can make up a list of product that they would like to receive as gifts or open a cash fund to collect money to buy a product.
There are some options for user in order to have a product by using our web site:
1) User can make up a gift list for a special situation. These situations such as birthday gifts, new home gifts, new child gifts, wedding gifts etc. will be varied under a title. User will add these gifts from shopping web sites like Friends of user can reach to the list and purchase one of the gifts by letting the user know or not as a surprise. Gift will be sent to the shipping address of user.
2) User can open a cash gift fund that includes information about gift with his Paypal account. Fund will be limited by an amount.
Moreover, most active gift requests, lists and cash gift funds will be shared on main page, thus interactivity between users and some mainstream situations will leverage the reputation of web site such as getting together of people to collect money for a guy that needs money to marry with his childhood love etc. on social media as well.
Gift requests may be shared on social media pages and other personal pages that buyers can reach to lists. Web site will have a sorting speciality of gifts according to prices and importance level that user decide on.

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