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East St. Louis

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A well known author and researcher, Jonathan Kozol is famous for doing studies on inner city schools. In his book, Savage Inequalities”, he looks at, East St. Louis, Illinois, and the struggles the teachers, students, and community have to deal with everyday. He sees lots of problems in the city, but one that stands out most is segregation that still occurs in education. Kozol says, “In each of the larger cities there is usually one school or subdistrict which is highly publicized as an example of “restructured” education; but the changes rarely reach beyond this one example. Even in those schools where some “restructuring” has taken place, the fact of racial segregation has been, and continues to be largely uncontested” (Kozol, 4).” Kozol shows how schools that have supposedly “changed” still have segregation problems that were said to be resolved for years now. No matter how much schools deny it, segregation is still alive. There are facts and real life situations to prove it, but the question is, what factors lead to this problem? How has segregation in schools affected schools and students who go to segregated schools? What ideas or conclusions have been developed to identify this problem? As stated before, one of the most concerning questions we have to ask is, what are the factors that lead to segregation in schools today? One of the biggest answers I found to this question was the topic of residential segregation and its affect on school segregation. Gerald W. Bracey, the author of, “Segregation in Schools and Neighborhoods” from the book, The Phi Delta Kappan, covers this exact topic. In his journal, he explains the many different affects residential segregation has had on segregation in schools. He goes through specific situations where it is quite clear this a major issue. Bracey says, ‘“Looking around their public elementary and secondary school...

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