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Eastern Equine Encephalitis

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Eastern Equine Encephalitis
Jennifer Walker
University of Phoenix
H. Steiner
September 12, 2011


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|Website |Website Information Type |Type of Surveillance: |Data changes over time: |Identify two interventions |
|Local website: |Update on spraying, FAQ’s, prevention |One confirmed death |Increase of tested |DEET repellent, oil of |
| | | |mosquito’s positive for |lemon/ eucalyptus |
| | | |virus | |
|Local website: |Investigation, intervention education, research |Monitoring Rochester |No cases in county yet |Link to New York Department|
||handles all communicable diseases |area health data | |of health for interventions|
|tted | | | | |
|State website: |Press release for public forum, video |Another horse death |Increase of horses |Possible spraying in |

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