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TO: All EBG Employees

FROM: Nakeyema Roberson, Human Resource Director

DATE: November 2, 2015


Here at Easy to be Green (EBG), we value our customers. Because we value our customers, we want each employee to be able to discuss with them the scientific concepts behind our company’s products and services.

In the Employee Handbook, our newly revised employee education policy states that effectively all employees are to be given a thorough orientation and ongoing training in these concepts.

On page 35, Section I of the new employee education policy states how this new policy is put into place.

Section I
Employee Education Policy
Effectively all employees are to be given a thorough orientation and ongoing training. Due to raid growth, we want our employee to be very knowledgeable in continuing developments. In order for this to be successful, our training committee has found that it is necessary that employees take basic intermediate and advanced courses in reading, writing, and math.

How Are the Training Courses Offered?
Beginning May 2, 2015, EBG will offer basic intermediate, and advanced courses in reading, writing, and math. These courses will be offered to all EBG employees. Managers will be evaluating employees and may recommend that employees take one or more of these courses. You also have the option to take a course or courses without a manager’s recommendation. Courses will be offered during work hours (employees will only be paid for the time they spend in the classroom). All other time will not be compensated for.

*Note: Your progress in the course will be taken into account.

For those that are more advanced than others, we encourage you to take course at the local universities, and use our company’s tuition reimbursement programs.

On page 37, under the new...

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