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Easy Rider

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Douglas Salayka
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Easy Rider

Easy rider was a film I couldn’t understand. I have to say I didn't like it. I somewhat respect what the film did for the industry but still I cant full respect it for the scenes of them having sex at the graveyard. That was a bit to much for me. The movie starts out with a cocaine deal, The 2 main characters then wanted to use the money and jet. The scenes of them riding around on motorcycles used music from the time like Born to be wild. At that time it was very new to be using tracks like that in films. For that reason I give the movie bonus points because it did something nobody ever really did at the time. So the 2 men on the road trip find themselves in all sorts of trouble. The film actually used real drugs in the scenes that depicted them using cocaine and marijuana. To me that's crazy, but I know Dennis hopper had to do with this as he was a user at the time. I even read that Jack Nicholson actually came out and said it was real marijuana that he smoked. In class we touched upon why Jack Nicholson died but the other men didn't. I think we came to a consensus that it was just luck that they survived a bit longer but I still don't get that. The biggest thing I want to talk about is the drug tripping scene in the graveyard. Hopper didn't get permission or anything to film there and they were basically having sex on the tombstone of a dead child. If something like this happened now the media would be all over it saying how unforgiving it is to do something like that but I guess the movie was a product of it's times and ultimately got away with it. First of all, Being someone who has done LSD I can tell you that that scene is BULL S***. That experience is way exaggerated in the film and I still don't get who the man was that they saw in the graveyard. Maybe it was a representation for something I don't understand? I don't know. When they got killed at the end the movie abruptly ended and I was like WHAT THE HELL? So confusing I just don't get it. When I had to present to the class about this film I struggled with what to say because im the type of person who needs to understand what I am watching and I didn't throughout the damn thing. Overall I liked what the film did but not how it was represented.

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