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To: All EBG Employees
From: Human Resources Director
Date: 25th January 2014
Subject: Company Education Policy Revisions
EBG will be revising its policy for education and tuition reimbursements while also offering courses. The policy revisions are geared towards making these courses and education more accessible to all full-time employees.
To Increase Work Performance
In six-months-time, EBG will be offering beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses in reading, writing, and math. Managers may recommend that certain employees go on one or more of these courses. Employees are also free to take any courses at their own discretion.
Criteria & Useful Information * The courses will take place during work hours with all criteria covered by EBG. * Under new guidelines, employees will be paid as normal for the hours while in class with all study material and books being provided by EBG. * However, EBG will not cover homework and personal study time as these will be the employees' personal responsibilities. * In addition, we will track all course progress during quarterly performance and annual salary reviews.
For Qualified Employees Requiring Further Training * Employees who are qualified beyond these courses, but still require further training to keep up with scientific advancements and knowledge, will be encouraged to take classes at local universities. * EBG's Tuition Reimbursement Fund will cover these classes. * In six months, the fund increases from $3000.00 to $5000.00 with additional reimbursements for study materials and books. * At the same time the current eligibility criteria for a minimum of six-month employment is going to be changed and all full-time employees will have access to...

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